Rob Riggle claims his wife spied on him at home with a hidden camera – –

Rob Riggle claims his wife spied on him at home with a hidden camera – –

We broke the story … Riggle’s wife, Tiffany, filed for divorce in October after 21 years of marriage, but Rob says things got worse soon after when $ 28,000 in emergency cash disappeared from his home office… and he started to feel like he was monitored.

According to the docs… Riggle stayed in their little house, while Tiffany stayed with their 2 children in the family home. He says he confronted Tiffany about the $ 28,000 because she had access to her notepad, but she denied knowing anything about it.

Around the same time, Riggle alleges that Tiffany hacked her Apple account and downloaded her emails, texts, contacts and photos… but then he says things got really weird.

Riggle claims that Tiffany was somehow aware of private conversations he had had in his home office with or about his girlfriend and assistant, and she – or other anonymous sources – was texting them or an e-mail with reference to private information.

Due to these alleged leaks, Riggle says he and his girlfriend formed a disinformation scheme, planting false information to test if any of it was subsequently leaked … and of course, he claims that his suspicions were confirmed.

So, according to the documents, Riggle had his home electronically scanned for devices in April … and claims a hidden spy camera was found in his smoke detector.

He says the device had a memory card with over 10,000 videos with sound, and he believes it was installed in August 2020 and may have watched it until he found out.

And, get this – Riggle claims that one of the videos shows Tiffany standing on a ladder setting up the spy camera, and another video shows her sitting on the floor of her home office counting money … this that Rob thinks is the $ 28,000 he says is missing.

Riggle has secured a temporary injunction against Tiffany, and there will be another hearing in July over her request for a forensic expert to sift through all suspected spy footage.


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