Rising from Covid-19 pandemic, NY seeks new mayor to deal with looming crises – .

Rising from Covid-19 pandemic, NY seeks new mayor to deal with looming crises – .

Mr Yang, who would be the city’s first Asian American mayor, is betting he can reshape the electorate by engaging more young Asian and Latin American voters as he presents himself as a candidate for “change”.

Mr. Yang has led the race for months, spurred on by his strong name identification and stardom air, as well as a hopeful message about New York’s potential and an energetic in-person campaign schedule. .

But as New York reopened and crime became a bigger issue in the minds of voters – and as Mr. Yang faced growing scrutiny of blunders and gaps in his municipal knowledge – he lost ground.

His tone in the home stretch is a stark departure from the rambunctious tone that defined his first post, as he sharpens his criticism of Mr Adams and tries to narrow his advantage on public safety matters. Mr. Yang, who has no experience in city administration, has also sought to use this foreign status to deliver scathing indictments against the political class.

Ms Garcia has moderate instincts – she was one of the few mayoral candidates to prioritize President Biden as her first choice in the presidential primary – but she presents herself primarily as a pragmatic technocrat imbued with municipal knowledge.

It has been endorsed by the editorial boards of the New York Times and the New York Daily News, among others, and has generated palpable traction in politically engaged and highly educated corners of the city, like the Upper West Side, even in as long as Mr. Stringer and Mr. Donovan also competed for the mantle of experience of government.

“I don’t think New York is doing as well, as progressive as I am, with a series of progressives who think we should spend more time dealing with these kinds of issues rather than the real things that need to be done,” said William Pinzler, 74, as he prepared to vote for Ms Garcia at Lincoln Center. “Kathryn Garcia picked up the trash. “


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