Rick Carlisle also leaves the Mavericks – .

Rick Carlisle also leaves the Mavericks – .

It looks like we don’t have the right to rest this offseason. In the wake of Donnie Nelson’s departure from the Mavericks after nearly a quarter of a century, Rick Carlisle has also chosen to leave Dallas.

And because there’s no rest for the bad guys, Josh Bowe, Doyle Rader, and I all started talking about the change, what it means for the Mavericks, and dipped our heads into who we’d love to see. at the helm then as well as those we would like to see pass.

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It’s a time of unease, despite having a superstar in Luka Doncic, whom most Dallas fans haven’t known or known for over two decades. There is a lot to say and think about as Mark Cuban needs to move quickly in his search for a GM as that person will need to have a say in who gets hired as a coach.

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