Rick and Morty tease introduces Mr. Nimbus, Rick’s nemesis – .

Rick and Morty tease introduces Mr. Nimbus, Rick’s nemesis – .

Rick and morty

Rick and morty
Image: Adult swimming

One of the most practical things about Rick and morty directing Rick Sanchez, narratively speaking, it’s that he has a functionally infinite story for me. As a veteran of interdimensional adventure and misadventure for over several decades, there is literally no situation you could put Rick in where he couldn’t have credible past acquaintances, an old friend to call, or, as the case may be, a nemesis to avoid.

Hence the dilemma that arises in the new cold open for the show’s fifth season, which is expected to debut on Adult Swim tomorrow evening. As usual, the show zigzags all over the place, including giving Morty more proficient than usual a win that we’ll be. very shocked to see lingering until the end of the episode, before crashing into a premise, ie the introduction of Rick’s “nemesis”, the aquatic, pompous and under- clothed Mr. Nimbus.

As the obvious replacement for Namor The Submariner, also dressed in a swimsuit, Nimbus so far serves primarily as a reminder to us that Rick is essentially Reed Richards with no pesky ethics, step-parents or buddies to hold him back. He’s also apparently creepy enough to cause real panic in the typically unfazed super-scientist, which is always a fun tone for the show to strike – nothing underscores the threat posed by a better problem than seeing Rick lose his shit to a guy with a movable shell and a trident.

Rick and morty“Mort Dinner Rick Andre” Season Five Debuts tomorrow night at 11 p.m. in the meantime you can find our recap of the series here. (And while you’re doing that, we’ll be looking through the archives, trying to find out if Rick has ever touched the ocean before; he It’s heard like the sort of thing the show’s writers would have meticulously checked out, but you never know).


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