Richard Madeley says Covid marriage restrictions ‘really messed up’ his son and fiancee – –

Richard Madeley says Covid marriage restrictions ‘really messed up’ his son and fiancee – –

Richard Madeley admitted that the current restrictions on Covid’s marriage had “really messed up” his son and his fiancee.
Jack Madeley is expected to tie the knot in late June, but it’s unclear if the current restrictions will be lifted on June 21 now.

Presenting Good Morning Britain on Monday alongside Susanna Reid, Richard was keen to discuss the possibility that his son and future daughter-in-law might not have their big day as planned.

Speaking on the ITV show, the 65-year-old star admitted that it had not been easy for his son Jack and his future wife Issy.

“My own daughter-in-law has lost a lot of weight because she just can’t eat,” Richard admitted.

Richard Madeley admitted that current restrictions on Covid marriage ‘really messed up’ his son and fiancee

He and Susanna have spoken to a wedding planner, as well as a couple who are also hoping to marry later this month.

“I will be watching ITV with my heart in my mouth,” said Richard, referring to the Prime Minister’s latest update – which airs Monday evening.

Richard and Susanna also hosted Dr Hilary Jones on the show to give his opinion on whether the restrictions should apply to upcoming weddings.

Richard Madeley and his wife Judy Finnigan with their son Jack and their daughter Chloe

“My heart goes out to Jessie, Sam and Steve, it’s heartbreaking, I have all the sympathy for it,” Dr Hilary said.

“I think weddings are probably a lot safer than a lot of those other activities you mentioned, you’ve seen scenes at sports venues and stadiums, on the beach, even at the G7 summit, and you think: “Well, it’s ‘not logical’.

“I think if a wedding can take place and it is Covid-safe and you have the ability for people to be quite aloof and you have an agreement where the first dance is allowed between the bride and groom and everyone else. people don’t dance and it’s out and you sit at a table and obey the rules.

Richard hosted Good Morning Britain on Monday alongside Susanna Reid

“If you’re reasonable, it’s clearly a lot safer than other places,” he continued.

“However, we also know that weddings are a place to drink alcohol, where people hug and meet and forget, and that’s the problem. Because we can not forget is that we have an increasing number of cases. “

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6 a.m. on ITV.


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