Return to Vegas all tied up – .

Return to Vegas all tied up – .

Pre-game reflections

  • Lehner replaces Fleury but I don’t suppose it will be an easier game
  • Tricolor against the world. Let’s go.

First period

  • The Habs are off to a good start
  • Fans jump into Lehner here early
  • Ms. Béliveau
  • Stall in front of Perry who can’t get past Lehner, Stall in front of Armia and no dice, back to Perry – my God, that line is unreal. No stopping.
  • Price sends Suzuki an assist but Vegas D returns – Price is one of the most powerful goalkeepers in the league and I don’t care if you don’t agree with me
  • Perry stumbles completely on a breakaway and SURPRISE SURPRISE there is no appeal
  • The boys are hungry tonight – love this beat
  • Perry deserves another call – guy is literally going to have to lose a limb to get one
  • Much better first period of the Habs. SOG 11-4 in favor of MTL, still no score.

Second period

  • Another missed call as Tuch eliminates Danault
  • Gally on the break but Vegas comes back and gets closer – Danault on Lehner’s stopper but no dice
  • Anderson poses some big hits tonight
  • Roy meets Price – I got your number, kid
  • The Habs keep Vegas at bay
  • Montreal is not giving up on gas this period which is a nice change
  • Nosek checks Weber on the numbers, Weber kills Nosek and Nosek goes straight back to Weber – Chris Lee looks at the whole damn thing and then gives them 2 minutes. Fed up with this BS.
  • Suzuki called for a crash, which is yet another terrible call and more of an inconsistency. Trash can.
  • Pietrangelo out of the post
  • Suzuki with an escape pass to Byron that scores! Highlighting a postseason reel for Byron for sure
  • Oh ok, Suzuki’s face is just a punching bag now and it’s a fair game? What joke.
  • Even Sportsnet advertisers calling this referee ridiculous, that’s when you know it’s bad people

Third period

  • Cat Toffoli, it’s all of us tbh
  • Chiarot with a good opportunity for Vegas…
  • Ok he redeemed himself
  • Ahhhh Anderson with a hard angle shot from outside the net
  • A one-goal game is basically the perfect storm for developing stomach ulcers
  • What an absolute robbery on Caufield – a massive save from Lehner to keep Vegas in this
  • McNabb scores. 1-1.
  • The Habs almost buried one there with 3 minutes left in the third
  • And we return to OT for the second game in a row


  • Lord. My nerves.
  • Roy scores.

EOTP 3 stars

3) You know it’s bad when …

2) Too bad it couldn’t have been another winner

1) Attitude mentale positive


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