Reactions to Tati Westbrook’s return on YouTube – .

Reactions to Tati Westbrook’s return on YouTube – .

That cry you hear is the jubilation of the beauty community.

Tati Westbrook is back and the YouTuber has aired all the dramas, scandals – and, yes, lawsuits – she’s faced in the past year.

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Papa Westbrook

After falling in the dark for a year to deal with the fallout of her high-profile beef with fellow YouTubers like James Charles, Jefree Star, and Shane Dawson, as well as the tensions over her marriage and its impact on her mental well-being, the once reigning queen of the beauty community looks back on reviews and makeup.

Understandably, that surprise appearance and announcement rocked followers of the beauty community (and beyond) in the speech. So we’ve put together some of the reactions to Tati’s return.

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Let’s start with this tweet, which posed an important question, predicting Tati’s return.

Twitter : @sadgirldiaries


And this circle of invocation, which definitely worked.

Please let this Summoning Circle work🤞 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯 Tati 🕯 🕯 Return to 🕯 🕯 YouTube 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯

Twitter : @TruthSleuthYT


This real reaction from a fan who narrowly missed his icon.

Tati Westbrook’s return to YouTube is honestly one of the highlights of my year. She is one of the best beauty YouTubers of all time and one of my favorite designers. My heart is so happy that she’s finally in a better place

Twitter : @ericramirezr_


And that.

Twitter : @danieldgxcx


And also that.

Twitter : @thedaphnenewyork


Analysis of Tati’s hand movements, which IMHO is meme-worthy content.

Twitter : @nastypussytionz


There is also what Tati has said about astrologers, psychics and tarot readers extrapolating about her future. The beauty influencer said she had “closed the door” to favorable predictions about her life, marriage and career.



Exhibit B.

Twitter : @retroscinema


This reaction to Tati saying that she had experienced supernatural and inexplicable events around her house.

Twitter : @heademptyyy

For my part, I would like to see this crossover.


In honor of iCarly to restart.

Twitter : @RapSheetTv


James and Tati have since fixed things up, as summarized here with a clip of My sponsors are magic.

Twitter : @nvccis


And finally, that much needed revitalization of the beauty community.

Twitter : @angemoney007

Save Us, she plans to do, with her comeback focused on critics, makeup, and her company Halo Beauty.

Emma Mcintyre / Getty Images for Women in Cinema

What do you think of Tati’s return to YouTube? Let us know in the comments below!

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