Randy couple caught having SEX hiking 6,500ft by mountain webcam before snaps repost in software error – .

Randy couple caught having SEX hiking 6,500ft by mountain webcam before snaps repost in software error – .

A RANDY couple were caught having SEX while hiking 6,500 feet by a mountain webcam before the snaps were reposted in a software error.
The panoramic webcam, which takes snaps every 20 minutes, captured the couple and uploaded them before noticing their naughty acts.


Webcam accidentally filmed the horny couple and posted it onlineCredit: Flash info

Cameras from the Nock Mountains, which are the westernmost and highest mountain range in Austria’s Gurktal Alps, caught two mountaineers having fun earlier this month.

And the images have now gone viral.

The unknown man and woman decided to take a spontaneous nap on the mountain – which quickly turned into a rather erotic moment.

The pair first sat next to each other and enjoyed the romantic view beyond the treeline – before the camera caught them lying naked and tightly entwined on the grass towards 12:20.

The unknown lovebirds disappeared from webcam view only 20 minutes later at 12:40 p.m., but went viral several days later.

In Austria, all recordings of public places are strictly regulated and in most cases banned with severe fines for any infringement.

Ronald Schellander, of Web Media Solutions, explained that panoramic and weather cameras are not considered surveillance cameras because they do not transmit recordings continuously.

He added that these types of surveillance systems typically take high-resolution photos several times a day and expressed concern over the uncomfortable situation in which the intimate images have been made public.

Schellander said: “Basically we position the cameras so that no one can be recognized due to the camera’s resolution or the distance. “

He said that usually they used the software to make sure people’s faces were pixelated and that nothing that violated anyone’s privacy was posted.

However, it appears the software failed to report these images, possibly because the couple’s faces were not visible.

According to local media, there is an information sign on Nockalm Road that leads to the national park, which indicates that the area is covered by cameras.

There is no other information on who the couple were and if the couple missed the sign and were unaware of the possibility of being filmed.

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