Queen’s Birthday Honors: Sterling and Henderson Among Footballers Recognized in Queen’s Honors

Queen’s Birthday Honors: Sterling and Henderson Among Footballers Recognized in Queen’s Honors

Raheem Sterling and Jordan Henderson are among the recognized athletes on the Queen’s Birthday Honors List.

Manchester City forward Sterling, 26, is named MBE for his work in support of racial equality in sport.

He has been abused online during his career for club and country, as well as from fans, for his position.

Regarding his honor, he described it as a “fantastic feeling and a proud moment – not just for me but for my family and friends”.

“I’m grateful to have been recognized, but my priority is to try to help educate society and myself. If it doesn’t start from within, then there is no way to help others. I learn everyday.

“My motivation for racial equality is to get people to understand the challenges faced by people from diverse backgrounds and to create an environment where everyone is equal. I think we are starting to take a step in the right direction, but we still have a lot of work to do.

“There are still a lot of things we can do better as a society, like social media, with people taking more responsibility. I think this is a major factor in achieving the ultimate goal of racial equality.

“We also need to support young people and give them the opportunity to show what they are capable of achieving. “

Others recognized The list includes scientists and officials who have led the response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the development and deployment of vaccines.

Prue Leith, Jonathan Pryce and Arlene Phillips are among those receiving the highest honors

Liverpool captain Henderson, 30, received an MBE for services rendered to football and charity, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

But he said NHS staff were the ‘real heroes’ of the crisis, adding:’ There are many privileges that come with playing professional football but having a platform to promote a charitable cause such as Players Together and NHS Charities Together is as great a privilege as anything.

“It is important for me to state that although the honor was bestowed upon me personally, the merit must be shared with a much larger group of people and I accept this knowing that I was part of something special. , rather than the reason for it.

“The other Premier League captains were the catalyst and the rest of the players, including my own teammates at Liverpool, were a driving force behind the scenes.

“A large number of football fans across the country have also shown great generosity in their donations. But the real heroes are the NHS staff; they put themselves in danger to serve and protect us.

‘Therefore I dedicate this to all the nurses, doctors, caregivers, porters, administrative workers, cleaners, security staff and everyone who dedicates their career and their life to making the NHS the part of British life that we are. rightfully proudest as a nation. “

Among the celebrities recognized on the Honor Roll are Prue Leith, Jonathan Pryce and Arlene Phillips.

Bake Off judge and restaurateur Prue Leith, 81, will become a lady for food, broadcasting and charity services, while Game Of Thrones actor Jonathan Pryce will be knighted for his services to drama and charity.

Speaking to Sky News, Leith said being a lady seemed “strange” – but it’s something she can get used to.

Prue Leith stars as judge in Bake Off alongside Paul Hollywood

She added, “The only person I spoke to was my husband, and he was so thrilled and so thrilled and he kept reminding me of it… I almost couldn’t believe it.

“When you get the letter it’s kind of conditional, it says something like ‘Her Majesty is willing to confirm’ – she has it in mind so she can change her mind was kind of inference.

“I guess that means keeping your nose clean, and as long as you don’t do anything monstrous between now and the announcement, you’ll be fine.” So I took great pains not to do anything monstrous. “

Choreographer Arlene Phillips, best known for her role as a judge in Strictly Come Dancing, will also become a lady, for services to dance and charity.

Also receiving top honors, pianist Imogen Cooper receives the green light for her musical services.

She says she is “greatly honored and more than a little surprised” to have become a lady, less than a year after receiving the Queen’s Medal for Music.

Cooper added, “I was completely stunned. I’m sure everyone says it, but it’s pretty authentic. I really didn’t expect it at all. And it was a wonderful surprise.

“I’ll have to get used to it. I wrote it down immediately to see what it looked like and then almost passed out. “

Alison Moyet recognized for her services to music

Elsewhere in the music world, ’80s pop icon Alison Moyet and crooner Engelbert Humperdinck will be appointed MBEs – both for services to music.

Humperdinck’s wife, Patricia, died in February after contracting COVID-19, and he said he wished he could share that distinction with her.

Scottish pop powerhouse Lulu will be named CBE, as will Yes keyboardist Rick Wakeman, who said he was “stunned and very proud” to receive the green light.

The Hare With Amber Eyes artist and author Edmund de Waal also received a CBE for service to the arts, saying he was “very grateful that the things I have done over the past decades have been noticed”.

Cellist Julian Lloyd-Webber will be named OBE for services to music, as will poet and playwright Lemn Sissay, who gets the green light for services to literature and charity.

Sissay said: “I am shocked. If I could tell my 17 year old self or 25 year old self, in 2021 you will get an OBE, I just wouldn’t believe it. “

Robert Rinder, ITVs' Judge Rinder, looks at a photo of his grandfather, Moishe Malenicky, one of the young Holocaust survivors known as
Robert Rinder often visits schools with Holocaust survivors for interviews

Robert Rinder, best known for his courtroom reality show Judge Rinder, will also be recognized in honors, earning an MBE for his Holocaust education and awareness services.

In a sweet turn of events, her mother Angela Cohen, the president of the ’45 Aid Society, also receives the same award.

Rinder, who recently did a BBC show exploring the stories of Jewish families and often speaks in schools with Holocaust survivors, said: “I like everyone I love professionally and in who I trust with my life, kind of nuclear feeling of impostor syndrome. .

“I have to say that it was even more motivated by receiving this honor which really means the world to me.

“As you probably know, it is all the richer and frankly more beautiful that my mother receives one on the same day. ”


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