QAnon believers suggest secret message behind news of Biden Dog Champ’s death – .

QAnon believers suggest secret message behind news of Biden Dog Champ’s death – .

President Joe Biden and the First Lady on Saturday announced the passing of the Champ family dog, a 13-year-old German Shepherd who died peacefully at the Biden family home in Delaware. Meanwhile, some QAnon supporters appear to have taken the ad as a secret code.

Forbes Journalist Andrew Solender tweeted the news of Champ’s passing, and a cryptic response caught his attention.

An account known as EyesOpen tweeted: “Dogs communications? You have a few in the mo !!! “

Comms are officially known as secret messages which can be decoded by supporters of QAnon.

Writer and popular debunker Mike Rothschild followed up to inform that canine communications have been around for some time.

“When James Comey’s dog died, QAnon believers claimed the ad was a code that George HW Bush had been secretly executed,” Rothschild tweeted. “Prepare for them to relentlessly bake Champ’s death.” “

QAnon believers believe this happens so often that they have a name for the tactic: “dog comms”.

I’m not making this stuff up. No one could.

– Mike Rothschild (@rothschildmd) June 19, 2021

James Comey, the former director of the FBI, lost his rescue dog in 2018 and tweeted at the time: “Because he was a lifeguard, we didn’t know his age today except ‘very old’ . He was the friend of a whole large family as only a dog can be. Goodbye old soul. “

The description of “a whole big family” caught the attention of believers in QAnon. In a video posted to BitChute by a channel called “InPursuitofTruth,” the creator said he found the “big family” to be very cryptic.

Due to the relationship with the codenamed George HW Bush, who was Timberwolf, some QAnoners have linked Bush’s death to Comey’s announcement, believing the former FBI director to know about Bush’s death. before the public and releasing the information secretly.

Rothschild a tweeté : « #QAnon already claims that George HW Bush was eliminated by the Deep State as a distraction. Proof of this is a tweet about James Comey’s dog. “

And now, it seems, Champ’s death may be the code for something else. Some commentators on the Telegram messaging platform had posted Champ’s announcement and wrote, “interdasting,” along with a few questioning emoticons.

Another commented afterwards and said: “The state funeral is coming? “

News week contacted Rothschild but has not yet received a response.

Other incidents have raised the idea of ​​government officials using “comms” to communicate cryptically, as many QAnon believers clung to an incident that took place last week.

A cicada landed on Biden’s neck as he prepared for his visit to Cornwall, England for the G7 summit, and a video was posted on social media of him hunting the insect.

“Watch out for the cicadas,” Biden told reporters shortly after. “I just got one. He got me. “

News week reported earlier that We The Media, a group of QAnon advocates with more than 225,000 subscribers on their Telegram account, believe Biden crushing the cicadas is in fact “communication.”

“JOE BIDEN BIT BY A CIGALE – COMMS? It turns out that the cicada nymphs emerge after an underground childhood of 17 years !!! We wrote the media.

The “underground” comment refers to QAnon’s baseless belief that a network of secret underground tunnels exists and that children are trafficked and abused by satanic pedophiles.

Dogs Biden Champ (right) and Major are seen on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, DC on March 31. The QAnoners have suggested that there may be a secret message behind the news of Champ’s death on Saturday.


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