Pub reveler ‘hit for six’ after being charged over £ 18 for two pints in Scotland – .

Pub reveler ‘hit for six’ after being charged over £ 18 for two pints in Scotland – .

A pub fan almost choked on his beer after being charged over £ 18 for two pints.
Sean Murphy said the bill for two Juice Forsyth IPAs at a Glasgow bar “hit me six times” over the weekend.

He shared the receipt on Twitter and asked other users’ when did this become acceptable ‘in the Scottish town, while adding:’ Good pints, watch out. ”

One person then shared the boozer’s drink list and wrote, “It’s not even the most expensive! I wish it was my tour there. “

Sean replied, “To be honest, we were about 6 pints deep before we even knew it,” adding a laughing face that cried.

Another commenter wrote: ‘Sorry I would have gone out, no pint is worth that, outrageous rip off the public, places like this should be closed. “

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Sean took to Twitter to share his shock, saying “when did this become okay?” “

But not everyone was so friendly.

One person wrote: “Hops are really expensive and some of these craft beers consume huge amounts of it as well as expensive malt. “

After someone noticed that the pub had charged 87p, Sean said it was the service charge added on each round.

It comes after drinkers were outraged by soaring drink prices as pubs reopened after the lockdown was eased in the spring.

A customer said a pint of Peroni went from £ 6.40 to £ 7 in London after pubs were allowed to reopen outdoors in England from April 12.

“There is no justification for such a price increase! ” they wrote.

Another drinker, from the South West, said he paid £ 3.20 for a drink before the pandemic but now pays £ 4.70 for a pint.

Pub consultant Marion King said breweries typically increase their prices by 4 to 5 pence per year.

It comes after drinkers were outraged by soaring drink prices as pubs reopen after the lockdown

However, she said her cider had now climbed 9p a pint, which she described as “absolutely ridiculous”.

She added that her business Monica Leisure Ltd had to raise prices by 20p due to the increases.

Pub owners were said to have been told by pub owners that they would have to ‘raise’ their prices to recoup some of the damaging losses caused by the latest foreclosure.

Breweries suggest a ’40 pence per pint’ increase to recover money lost during the pandemic.

Some business leaders have even been invited by the bosses to “consider reviewing” prices, reports MailOnline.

Bettors who pay by card “won’t notice the 10% increase,” said one publican.

Star Pubs and Bars, which is owned by Heineken UK, cited a study of customers who “expect” drink prices to rise after a leaked email revealed the milestone.

One owner, who asked to remain anonymous, said he was encouraged to apply the increase by the group’s business development manager.

He told the publication: “In their words, they were trying to figure out the highest prices we can get from customers when they need beer. “


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