Prominent Abbas critic dies in Palestinian Authority security raid on his home – .

Prominent Abbas critic dies in Palestinian Authority security raid on his home – .

Prominent Palestinian political activist Nizar Banat died after Palestinian Authority security forces arrived at his home to arrest him Thursday morning. deteriorated when security forces arrested him, Hebron Palestinian Authority governor Jibreen al-Bakri said in a statement. The arrest, Banat’s health deteriorated and he was immediately transferred to Hebron hospital, where he was pronounced dead by doctors, ”al-Bakri added. An AP security official said an investigation has been launched to determine the cause of death. The official declined to comment on allegations that Banat, 44, was beaten by security officers. Banat was famous for his harsh criticism of the leadership of the Palestinian Authority and has been arrested several times in the past by Palestinian security forces.

He recently called on the European Union to suspend financial aid to the Palestinian Authority and to launch an investigation into the “squandering of European taxpayers’ money”. held on May 22. In response to PA President Mahmoud Abbas’ decision to annul the legislative and presidential elections (scheduled for July 31), Banat and his list issued a statement calling on EU courts, in particular the Court of human rights in Strasbourg, France, to order the immediate cessation of financial assistance to the authority. The unprecedented appeal to the EU drew strong condemnation from senior PA and Fatah officials. They accused Banat of “crossing a red line” by calling on foreign parties to suspend financial aid to the PA. Shortly after the call, unidentified gunmen attacked Banat’s house in the town of Dura, near Hebron. No one was hurt. Banat suggested that “thugs” from Abbas’s ruling faction, Fatah, were behind the shooting. He claimed that the attackers were escorted by PA security officers. In recent months, Banat has posted videos on Facebook in which he launched scathing attacks against Abbas and senior PA and Fatah officials. Earlier this week, he posted a video in which he strongly denounces the PA leadership over the botched Pfizer swap deal with Israel. Under the terms of the deal, Israel would have provided the Palestinians with vaccines when they expire. In return, Israel would receive Pfizer vaccines purchased by Palestinians and expected to arrive later this year. The PA government rescinded the deal after facing widespread criticism from Palestinians for allegedly bringing “outdated” and “corrupt” doses to Israel.
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