Princess Diana has died after “delaying UK return from Paris due to Tories’ landmine fury” – .

Princess Diana has died after “delaying UK return from Paris due to Tories’ landmine fury” – .

A row with Tories over Princess Diana’s landmine campaign prompted her to delay her return to the UK shortly before her death in Paris, a former aide has claimed.
Diana’s ex-driver and caretaker Colin Tebbutt said a spit on her call for a mine ban convinced her to stay in Paris with Dodi Fayed longer than she expected.

She and Dodi as well as the driver Henri Paul were killed in a horrific accident in a tunnel in the French capital on August 31, 1997.

Mr Tebbutt says she would not have been in town on the night of her tragic death without criticism from conservative politicians.

Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed died in a car crash in August 1997

According to the Daily Mail, Diana expected to return to London on August 28, but made the last-minute decision to extend her trip for another three days after the landmine controversy.

Mr Tebbutt told the newspaper: ‘She did not come back on Thursday as planned because the Conservatives attacked her again over landmines.

“She was accused of using the campaign to boost her own image, which was unpleasant and upset her. So she reached out to us and said she didn’t want all the hassle that would await her in the UK. She would come back to the weekend instead.

“If she had come back this Thursday… maybe we would all be alive today.”

The princess sparked international debate when she walked along minefields in January 1997, meeting with victims of Angola’s 20-year civil war.

The British Red Cross campaign ultimately led the United Nations to ban their use less than 12 months later and following Diana’s death in the car crash in Paris.

Images of the visit were shown around the world but caused a stir as the princess was seen to support Labor’s position on a global ban.

The Conservative government of the day wanted to wait for all countries to signal their intention before signing an agreement.


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