Princess Anne breaks unwritten royal rule in first interview since Prince Philip’s death – –

Princess Anne breaks unwritten royal rule in first interview since Prince Philip’s death – –

Princess Anne broke unwritten royal protocol when she gave the first interview since her father’s death to praise Prince Philip’s ‘do and fix’ attitude.
Royal fans who were hoping to get another glimpse of his personal quarters at Gatcombe Park in Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire were disappointed with the TV interview, Gloucestershire Live reports.

It came from a sparsely decorated room that seemed a far cry from the welcoming living room seen in other videos with all the adornments and personal touches blurry in the background.

And as the rest of the country suffocated, the Princess Royal donned her favorite black suede boots, natural tights and wool suit to present a special Centennial Prince Philip Medal award to Dr Gladys West at her home in Virginia. , in the USA.

Princess Anne ignores unwritten royal rule in first Gatcombe Park interview since Duke’s death

However, an eagle-eyed royalist quickly noticed that the Princess Royal had crossed her legs during the socially distanced TV interview with ITV Royal correspondent Chris Ship on the day her father allegedly celebrated his 100th birthday.

They tweeted: “#princessanne sitting like a normal woman with her legs crossed instead of the ridiculous ‘royal position’ of uncrossed. “

The Princess did not break any hard and fast written rules when she was pictured sitting in a chair while presenting the Royal Academy of Engineering Medal.

But royal women generally favor the modest and flattering ‘Duchess Slant’ when wearing a skirt, or at least straight legs.

In her first interview since her death, she praises her father’s “do and fix” nature

Etiquette expert Myka Meier told People it’s because most of the royals have adopted the Duchess Slant, which involves putting the knees and ankles together, tilting the legs to the side, and place the hands on the knees.

Princess Anne

The Princess Royal once said that she would have liked to have been an engineer if she hadn’t been born into the Royal Family and told Mr Ship it had something to do with her father turning 100 on the day of the ITV interview.

Speaking from Gloucestershire in her first interview since her death in April, she said the family “must all move forward” and until her death few understood how broad her interests were or how practical she was. “Can do” that had helped shape his childhood.

“If something did break, there was always an idea of ​​’look at this and see if you can fix it’,” she said.

“He didn’t throw things away, and it often comes from your own home background. Anyone who goes through the Royal Navy training and spends so long on a ship, you have to fix and get by.

“Make it work, be practical and adjust. “

Prince philippe
Prince philippe

She said it was due to her life experience and the barbecue trailer in the back of her Land Rover.

“The trailer was made specifically for that role and everything had a place and you had to know where it was and then it worked,” she said.

The Royal Academy of Engineering had always planned to issue a special Centenary Award of the Prince Philip Medal – to mark the occasion of his birthday.

Dr. Gladys West became the first woman in the medal’s 30-year history to receive this honor in recognition of how her work in modeling the Earth’s surface led to the development of the GPS satellite positioning system.

Princess Anne
Princess Anne

Princess Anne told him: “My father was of course a naval officer but he was also a navigator, so for him your work was particularly relevant. “

After the death of her father, Princess Anne paid tribute to Prince Philip, describing him as her “teacher, supporter and critic”.

She said: “You know it’s going to happen but you’re never really ready.

“My father was my teacher, my supporter and my critic, but above all he is his example of a life well lived and free service as I wanted to emulate the most. “


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