Prince Charles paid a “substantial sum” to Harry and Meghan; ITV News – .

Prince Charles paid a “substantial sum” to Harry and Meghan; ITV News – .

Prince charlesThe office insisted he paid a “substantial sum” to his son Prince harry to help him in his move to America.

The Duke of Sussex had claimed he was “Literally cut off financially” by his family when the financial aid ended last summer.

Clarence House accounts for 2020-2021 show that Prince Charles’ private income -om the estate of the Duchy of Cornwall – paid £ 4.5million towards the management of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and The Duke’s households and the Duchess of Sussex.

It is lower than the £ 5.6million in the same column for the previous year.

The sum also includes “investment” projects and “other expenses” but Clarence House does not give a more detailed breakdown.

But a senior spokesperson for Clarence House said of Prince Harry: ‘As we will all remember in January 2020 when the Duke and Duchess [of Sussex] announced that they would be moving away from the working royals, the Duke said they would work to become financially independent.

Prince Charles, said the spokesperson, had “allocated a substantial sum to support them in this transition and that the funding” ceased in the summer of last year “.

Among the accusations made by Harry and Meghan when gave their explosive interview to Oprah Winfrey in MarchHarry accused his family of having “cut” him financially.

Asked by ITV News about the radically different descriptions of the financial arrangements, the spokesperson said, “I wouldn’t agree that they are radically different. All I can tell you are the facts ”, and he pointed out that the couple are currently“ financially independent ”. »Situation.

He acknowledged the couple’s departure as a member of the royal family as “a matter of great sadness for the family” but insisted Prince Charles “wanted to help make this work work”.

“I am not betraying any confidence in saying that they have been very successful in becoming financially independent,” added the spokesperson.

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