Power explodes at IndyCar race control after ECU failure takes victory in Detroit RaceFans – –

Power explodes at IndyCar race control after ECU failure takes victory in Detroit RaceFans – –

Will Power was furious at IndyCar race control’s decision to flag Saturday’s first race of the Detroit Grand Prix, a decision he said cost him his first win of the season when his car failed to restart. on time due to an engine. failure of the control unit.
“I’m mad at IndyCar,” Power exclaimed to pit reporter Kevin Lee after the race. “Because I’m the first car in (the pits), and they wait for the last car to come in before they have a fan on that car, and that burns the ECU. “

“The guys up there in race control never listen to any of the drivers. They never listen, they don’t care! Power barked. “We gave them so many great suggestions, and they don’t care. “

Power was edging Marcus Ericsson and leading 37 laps – more than any other driver – when Romain Grosjean crashed on turn nine, prompting a second cautionary period that quickly turned into the race’s second red flag.

Power’s car did not start when the race resumed with six laps to go, and he was moved out of the line as Ericsson claimed his first career victory. Eventually the Power’s Team Penske crew were able to restart the car, but by then it had lost three laps and eventually finished 20th.

The Australian continued to voice his frustrations on air after the race, saying: “I worked like crazy today! To make that happen… like I’m screaming on the radio, “We need a fan, get a fan!” “

“They’re waiting for everyone – these guys still have air in their cars… you work hard in the sport, so much money is spent on it, and it’s just… stupid decisions like that!” If it’s not a yellow they’re throwing, it’s a stupid idea like this, a red flag…! ”

Regardless of his 40th career victory slipping away, Power’s heartbreaking loss deprived him of a much-needed result to reverse his fortunes. Just two weeks ago, Power had to endure a last-row qualifying shootout to avoid the indignity of not qualifying for this year’s Indianapolis 500. Power would finish a modest 30th place in the 500, after being one of many drivers to slip into the pit lane entry due to cold brakes.

After this latest misfortune, Power has now fallen to 12th place in the IndyCar standings after seven races, and has not finished in the top ten since race two in St. Petersburg, Fla. But his next opportunity is in less than 24 hours, when the second race of the Detroit Grand Prix doubles program turns green at 5:50 p.m. EDT.


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