Police are looking for suspect after three people were found dead in separate incidents – .

Police are looking for suspect after three people were found dead in separate incidents – .

“We have not identified with certainty who this individual is,” Coos County District Attorney Paul Frasier said at a press conference.

However, investigators released several surveillance photos of the suspect, but warned people not to approach him. “We have to believe he is armed and dangerous,” Frasier said.

Frasier said the incidents began on Friday morning when two people were run over at the Mill Casino in the town of North Bend, on the Oregon coast, about 218 miles south of Portland.

One person has died and the other is hospitalized in critical condition. “She’s in pretty bad shape,” Frasier said.

Shortly thereafter, police received reports of a fatal shooting at the Herbal Choices Marijuana dispensary, just over a mile from the casino. The witnesses’ descriptions led them to believe that the same individual was responsible for both crimes.
A description of the suspect’s van led police to a trailer at an RV park next to the casino. A man believed to be the owner of the truck and trailer was found dead inside.

“There is no doubt in my mind that this person died as a result of homicide,” Frasier said, but he did not disclose whether the victim was shot.

The suspect’s truck was later found along a highway in Lane County, Ore. Northeast of the crime scenes, crashed and set on fire.

A witness told police the driver fled the scene. Surveillance video at a sporting goods store in North Bend appears to show the suspect purchasing more ammunition before leaving the area.

Police say they have an idea who the suspect might be, but have yet to identify him with certainty or determine a motive.


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