Picture in picture is finally coming to YouTube for iOS users – .

Picture in picture is finally coming to YouTube for iOS users – .

It’s finally on the way, folks. YouTube will allow free iOS users to continue consuming content in the background – at least, in a way.

It comes in the form of a picture-in-picture (PIP) feature, where you can exit the YouTube app and continue playing your video on a smaller screen that stays on the screen. This is different from the previous collapse feature, where users can play their current video on a smaller screen, but only while they are still browsing the YouTube app.

There is a catch, of course. According to MacRumors, the PIP feature is coming first for Premium subscribers (it’s currently being rolled out). But YouTube promises that the feature will be available to all users, paid or not, very soon.

What particularly excites me about PIP, as a non-paid YouTube user, is the fact that I will be able to use it as a slight workaround to stream music for free. Currently, only YouTube Premium subscribers can stream music from YouTube with background playback, which allows you to close the app and hear the sound even when the screen is completely off.

Now, this workaround won’t be perfect: PIP will only reduce the screen size and not completely close the app to play music in the background. So you’ll have to use your phone around the small screen, but that doesn’t sound so bad.

What is more annoying would be battery drain and data usage issues. Keeping the video running, even on a small screen, would definitely drain an iPhone’s battery quickly. And if you do this somewhere without WiFi, your data bill will add up just as quickly. You’ll also need to turn off all power saving settings, and the always-on screen probably wouldn’t work very well with the inside of a pocket.

Like I said, it’s not perfect, but I would be willing to put up with it. I use YouTube to watch specific things like vloggers, tutorials, and sometimes celebrity interviews, which very often I can only find there. I’m a fairly auditory learner so I love to listen to these videos pretty up close but look much less intensely. Best of all, I’m easily distracted, so I would like my favorite videos to play while I do other things on my phone, all without having to subscribe to YouTube Premium.

In reality, I usually don’t feel like streaming music from YouTube that often, but I like that PIP gives me the ability to do so. In the end, I’m driven to go through different apps while half-heartedly watching a vlog. Another way to develop my addiction to the phone, exactly what I needed!


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