Peugeot accused of fraud on diesel emissions in France – –

Peugeot accused of fraud on diesel emissions in France – –

Peugeot has been charged with fraud by French authorities, following an investigation into diesel emissions from vehicles sold between 2009 and 2015.

Stellantis’ other brands, Citroën and FCA Auto, were also ordered to appear in court, according to Reuters.

Peugeot is the second French automaker to be accused of emissions deception by French prosecutors after it was revealed that rival company Renault was facing legal action on Tuesday (June 8).

The company said it was evaluating its defense options and that its subsidiaries Citroën and Fiat Chrysler had also been summoned to a Paris court.

Stellantis issued a statement which said, “The companies firmly believe that their emission control systems have met all applicable requirements at the relevant times and continue to do so and look forward to the opportunity to demonstrate it. “

The charges are the result of a legal investigation opened in early 2017, days after VW settled criminal and civil complaints in the United States over its use of illegal devices to circumvent emissions tests with diesel vehicles.

French prosecutors who looked into Renault and Peugeot said they discovered that some of the cars produced nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions on the road more than 10 times the regulatory limits for some models, according to reports by 2019 survey.

Peugeot has been ordered to provide € 30m (£ 25.7m) in collateral for potential payments.


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