Passengers subdue man in attempted hijacking – –

Passengers subdue man in attempted hijacking – –

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Passengers on a Los Angeles-Atlanta flight were terrified when a man attempted to open one of the jet’s doors.

According to The Independent, witnesses said the crew asked for “strong men” to help restrain the passenger on the Delta flight.

One of them took to Twitter and said the panicked flyer had accessed the sound system in the kitchen before and announced that he was taking over and his fellow travelers should sit down and put on their masks oxygen.

And then he tried to open the cabin door.

Witnesses said he was wearing an orange life jacket.

It was then that the “strong and able men” that the crew called rushed to the front of the plane to subdue the disturbed man.

In a video posted online, passengers and crew can be seen restraining the man.

A Delta spokesperson said, “Thank you to the crew and passengers of Delta Flight 1730 who helped restrain an unruly passenger as the flight was diverted to Oklahoma City (OKC).

“The plane landed without incident and the passenger was evacuated by the police. We apologize to our customers for the delay and any additional inconvenience this caused. “

His name was not disclosed and there were few other details.

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