Paid parking to come in Jasper, starting in July – .

Paid parking to come in Jasper, starting in July – .

EDMONTON – Beginning in early July, visitors to Jasper, Alta., Will have to pay for parking downtown as part of a summer pilot project.

“Public parking in Jasper isn’t free – it’s paid for by residential and commercial taxpayers and, by extension, their tenants. Construction, paving, snow removal, sweeping and maintenance costs are currently funded by property taxes. This project aims to charge users for the services they use, ”the Municipality of Jasper said in a statement.

The existing two-hour on-street parking will become paid parking at a rate of $ 2 per hour between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Off-street parking will remain free.

The municipality has asked people parking in the city center to download an app to pay online or to use the scan / type option which allows drivers to pay without downloading the app.

Those who choose to pay in cash can do so at the administrative office.

Residents within one block of on-street parking and who can provide proof of residency will receive a parking pass.

You will find more information on the pilot parking project online.


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