Opposition to seeking worker support if Terra Nova is decommissioned – –

Opposition to seeking worker support if Terra Nova is decommissioned – –

Opposition parties are seeking answers on how workers will be supported if the FPSO Terra Nova is taken out of service.

The future of the project is uncertain. All seven project stakeholders must agree to move forward with expanding assets, but there are indications that alignment is not likely before the June 15 deadline set by partners. .

Opposition Leader David Brazil said his greatest concern is with the workers and communities who will be affected by the loss of the project.

If that happens, Brazil estimates that the $ 175 million set aside for the project by the oil and gas fund should be used to support workers.

He says there must be transitional supports for workers, incentives for workers to stay in the oil industry, programs to transfer skills to another industry and supports for the communities in which workers live.

NDP Leader Allison Coffin agrees that the money from the oil and gas fund should go to the workers.

The Prime Minister and Minister of Energy expressed some optimism yesterday, saying the project is not dead yet and there is still a significant offer on the table.

However, Coffin does not share this same optimism.

Coffin believes the province should move away from the industry in a “planned and managed” way to ensure that workers are not “left behind.”


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