‘OITNB’ star Taryn Manning engaged after GF Anne Cline proposal – –

‘OITNB’ star Taryn Manning engaged after GF Anne Cline proposal – –

TMZ got a video of when the “Orange Is the New Black” actress asked the question Friday night at a bar and grill in Panama City, Fla., Where her singer-songwriter girlfriend, Anne Cline, transformed a performance she was putting on into a proposal in its own right.

Check it out for yourself… you can tell Taryn is completely surprised after Anne pauses during her intimate set, jumps off the stage and knelt down.

Of course Taryn is ecstatic as she faces the ring box… and she finally said yes after all the excitement. The crowd around them loved him too for that matter – even the DJ / MC went up to the mic and told everyone to give up for them, which the audience was happy to do.

We don’t know much about Anne other than the fact that she’s a musician who runs the band Cline Street. She seems to be doing pretty well on her own – because she’s spinning quite a bit and looks like she’s about to go up.

Another interesting fact… she is about 15 years younger than Taryn, who is 42. It’s unclear how long they’re together at this point – but photos of them walking dogs together surfaced earlier this year.

Taryn’s rep tells us both are thrilled, TM adding… “It was the easiest YES I ever said!” “


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