NYC Allowing Outdoor Graduation Ceremonies – .

NYC Allowing Outdoor Graduation Ceremonies – .

NEW YORK (WABC) – New York City now allows open-air graduation ceremonies. Open-air graduation ceremonies can take place with no capacity limit, but everyone in attendance will be required to wear masks and take medical exams. health.
Social distancing will also be enforced. Schools Chancellor Meisha Ross Porter will attend an outdoor graduation ceremony at Citi Field on Friday.

Here are some other headlines from today:

MetLife Stadium will operate at full capacity
The New York Giants announced Thursday that MetLife Stadium will open at full capacity this NFL season without requiring a face covering, proof of vaccination, or proof of a negative COVID test. Additionally, the stadium will operate cashless at all concession stands and retail stores. Tailgating will also be allowed.

New York State Capitol reopens on Friday
Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that with 70 percent of New Yorkers aged 18 or older who received the first dose of their COVID-19 vaccination series, the Empire State Plaza complex, which includes the New York State Capitol and the Legislative Office Building, will reopen its doors to the public on June 18. Additionally, Capitol Tours will resume on Monday, June 21, and the popular open-air tours of Empire State Plaza will resume on Wednesday, July 7. Unvaccinated people will continue to be responsible for wearing masks, according to federal guidelines from the CDC.

“New Yorkers have been working hard against the COVID virus, and as a result, monuments and attractions across the state are reopening to visitors. We are delighted to welcome New Yorkers and guests from afar to our beautiful State Capitol and the incredible Empire State Plaza, ”said Cuomo. “The Capitol is filled with an amazing story that everyone can enjoy. If it was necessary to close its doors during the pandemic, it is time to welcome people to its great halls. “

US Open tennis tournament to allow 100% fan capacity this summer
The US Open tennis tournament will allow 100% fan capacity later this summer when it returns to New York. The US Tennis Association’s overnight announcement comes after Governor Andrew Cuomo eased the remaining COVID restrictions for the state. This means no capacity restrictions, no social distancing, and no proof of vaccination required.

‘Springsteen on Broadway’ COVID vaccine restriction sparks controversy
A major announcement from the organizers of Bruce Springsteen’s return to Broadway show is controversial. “Springsteen on Broadway” is scheduled to open at Jujamcyn’s St. James Theater on June 26 at full capacity. But the show now requires adults to be fully vaccinated with “an FDA-approved vaccine,” according to the theater’s website. Although cleared for emergency use and not yet fully approved by the FDA, the vaccines from Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson are specified on the website as acceptable, not those from AstraZeneca.

Man refuses COVID-19 vaccine, now needs double lung transplant
Joshua Garza was lucky enough to get his COVID-19 shot in January, but he gave it up, thinking he didn’t really need it. Now, the 43-year-old Texan is hoping to inspire others to get vaccinated after he fell so ill from his COVID-19 diagnosis that he needed a rare double lung transplant to survive. After testing positive for COVID-19 in late January, Garza’s health rapidly deteriorated. On February 2, when he eventually fell while trying to walk, his wife called an ambulance to take him to the hospital. He was eventually transferred to Houston Methodist, where he was placed on an extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) machine to pump and oxygenate his blood for him.

“COVID ended up attacking my lungs,” Garza, of Sugarland, told ABC News. “It was fast, it was within three weeks, the lungs were already drawn. “

Citi Field returns to full capacity
The New York Mets have announced that Citi Field will return to full capacity on Monday, June 21 for the Mets’ doubles program against the Atlanta Braves. Social distancing and baseball mask requirements have been relaxed with immediate effect. Fans no longer need to show proof of a negative COVID test and / or vaccination to enter the stadium with a valid ticket.

Can a workplace require the coronavirus vaccine? Here is what we found
Many people will need to return to their desks after working from home for more than a year. But to return to work, many wonder if getting the vaccine will be mandatory.

Doctors explain the psychological impact of ditching masks on society
Our masks were a symbol of responsibility, of protecting others. Now that several states are going without a mask, is continuing to wear one a sign of vulnerability or even paranoia? Doctors say there is psychology involved.

Vaccination rate in New York by zip code
There are about a dozen communities in the New York City area where three in four people have yet to be vaccinated. 7 On Your Side Investigates created a map where the darkest zip codes have New Yorkers the most vaccinated and the lightest, the least.


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