NY COVID-19 Anthology, NJ Writers and Photographers Wins Awards, Donates Prizes to Hunger Relief

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ALLENDALE, New Jersey, June 22, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Lorraine Ash Literary Enterprises and Magic Dog Press today announced that their collaborative project Corona City: voice of an epicenter, an anthology of COVID-19 stories and photographs, won two categories internationally 2021 New Generation Independent Book Award – Best anthology and best book on the COVID-19 pandemic. All the profits and prizes go to feed the hungry across the country.

Dubbed a “surrealist anthology” by the judges, Corona City: voice of an epicenter features first-person writings and photographs that tell the story of life in New York and New Jersey at the height of the COVID-19 outbreak from March to june 2020. Readers hear from over 60 frontline workers, business owners, mask makers, journalists, survivors and more. The photographs show the challenges, fears, losses and triumphs of real people.

“This is a beautiful and important book, a tribute to the courage of people who have given their best during the scariest four months of a frightening year,” said Marthe Kennedy, judge of the New Generation Independent Book Award, the largest international literary awards program for independent publishers and self-published authors. The competition attracts thousands of entries from 40 countries. Six finalists trailed Corona City: voice of an epicenter in both categories he won. The updated anthology cover bears the gold seal of the winners.

“I am delighted that New Generation Independent Book Award recognized the tremendous effort it took to produce this anthology, ”says Lorraine Ash, a veteran New Jersey journalist and publisher of books who voluntarily compiled and edited the anthology. “Most importantly, this honor makes all the more visible the fear we have all experienced and the sheer heroism it took to meet the COVID challenge. “

Ashes and Sherry Wachter from Magic Dog Press started the project to create a popular story from an unprecedented time and to address a societal problem that worsened due to the economic hardships many faced during the pandemic. Contributors also donated their time and talent.

All proceeds and prizes go directly to a nationwide network of food banks. The e-book, released earlier this month, provides 70 meals for every copy sold; each paperback provides 13 meals. Both can be purchased here. To date, the project has made 7,226 meals possible. The creators of the anthology are asking for help to reach their goal of donating 25,000 meals by Thanksgiving 2021.

the New Generation Independent Book Award ceremony, scheduled for friday 25 june at 7 pm EST., will be broadcast live here.

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