North Korea to run out of food in TWO MONTHS as Kim Jong Un faces repeat famine that has left millions dead – .

North Korea to run out of food in TWO MONTHS as Kim Jong Un faces repeat famine that has left millions dead – .

div>North Korea could run out of food in just two months, amid fears Kim Jong Un could face a repeat of the famine that has killed millions.

The price of staple foods has skyrocketed following severe storm damage to the state-owned goods industry, with items like coffee reportedly sold for more than £ 70 a packet.


North Korea’s food prices reportedly skyrocketCredit: Credit: Pen News
Typhoons and restricted border access limiting trade with neighboring China during Covid-19 blamed for food shortageCredit: Getty

Kim Jong Un spoke on Tuesday about the growing crisis in his country’s agricultural sector, admitting that the situation was “getting tense.”

The despot also said that the state-run economy cannot feed its citizens.

Recent reports from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) indicated that North Korea had only two months of supplies left.

There are growing fears of a repeat of the devastating famine of the 1990s, which by some estimates killed more than three million North Koreans.

The country is said to be suffering from 860,000 tonnes of supply shortages nationwide.

While Kim declined to detail the extent of the food crisis, he recently warned citizens to prepare for another “Struggle”, the name given to the food crisis of the 1990s.

“I made up my mind to ask the WPK (Workers’ Party of Korea) organizations at all levels, including its central committee and cell secretaries from all over the party, to lead another more difficult ‘strenuous march’ in order to relieve our people. struggling even a little, ”Kim said in April.

While the price of basic necessities like rice and fuel has reportedly held up, CNN reports that citizens of the state capital Pyongyang are paying triple the normal price for potatoes and £ 50 for some sachets. Some tea.

The grim outlook was expressed at a conference session attended by the Central Committee of the ruling Workers’ Party on Tuesday, and originally reported by the isolated country’s official media branch, the KCNA.

The North Korean dictator also spoke about rationing the same week he appeared to have cut his large 22 stone.

It was the first time the shy dictator in front of the cameras had been seen in more than a month after committing another of his disappearance acts.

Seoul-based website NK News posted photos suggesting Kim even tightened the strap of her favorite IWC Portofino watch to £ 10,000.

Kim Jong Un recently slimmed down after major cardiovascular surgery5
Kim Jong Un recently lost weight after major cardiovascular surgeryCredit: AFP
Kim declined to detail the extent of the food crisis5
Kim declined to detail the extent of the food crisisCredit: AFP

International trade sanctions have long plagued the pariah state, but the devastating impact of the two Covid-19s combined with restrictions on the importation of goods has brought the grim situation to a head, according to the spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of Business foreigners, Zhao Lijian.

The other cause of food fears is due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

North Korea sealed its borders to contain the spread of the disease, but trade with China suffered.

North Korea is heavily dependent on China not only for its food, but also for its fertilizers and fuel.

The North Korean leader said he left the door open to talks with US President Joe Biden.

However, he admitted that he was ready for “both dialogue and confrontation” on the subject of nuclear weapons. Kim has long been adamant against resuming arms talks with the United States, which could offer relief from sanctions stifling the North Korean economy.

Despite the grim economic situation, Kim has reportedly continued to ramp up its nuclear arsenal, which North Korea says is aimed at preventing a US invasion.

And as the food crisis escalates, North Korea has stepped up the crackdown on its own citizens.

A new crackdown on the importation of foreign cultural influences such as K-pop has been launched, with Kim describing the aforementioned South Korean import as a “vicious cancer” plaguing North Korean youth.

The dictator believes that the genre of music corrupts the minds of the next generation, influencing their “outfits, hairstyles, speech and behavior”.

The new legislation could see offenders, including high school students, serving between five and 15 years of forced labor if they are caught watching prohibited content such as South Korean dramas.

Global internet is banned by default in North Korea, with official government broadcasts being the only medium available on local television and radio. The authoritarian nation also employs disciplinary officers to roam the streets and correct men with long hair and women in revealing or tight clothing.

Kim has publicly feared for the “ideological and mental state” of the next generation, warning that the uncontrolled distribution of foreign culture could see the socialist country “crumble like a wet wall”.

North Korean youth think they owe Kim Jong-un nothing, said North Korean defector Jung Gwang-il Le New York Times.

“He must reaffirm his ideological control over the young if he does not want to lose the foundations for the future of his family’s dynastic regime.

Kim publicly feared for 5
Kim has publicly feared for the “ideological and mental state” of the next generation, but critics say he risks losing the younger generationCredit: AFP


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