Noel Gallagher defends Prince William from his brother Harry – –

Noel Gallagher defends Prince William from his brother Harry – –


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« Deux ménages, tous deux semblables dans l'indignité.  Dans la belle Angleterre, où nous posons notre décor...
“Two households, both alike in indignity. In beautiful England, where we set our scene… ”
photo: Chris Jackson (Getty Images), Jeff Spicer (Getty Images)

Finally, Noel Gallagher, lightsaber teacher and renowned model of healthy fraternal relations, decided to weigh in on the current difficulties of the British royal family. Rather than viewing the issues Harry and William are currently experiencing the same way we all view Gallagher feuds – as an argument between rich assholes whose rich asshole behavior really doesn’t matter to the rest of the world. ‘between us – Noel took the older one very hard prince’s side.

Gallagher shared his views with The sun in one piece published Wednesday which can be read with articles about a woman having her eyelid chewed by a chihuahua and a large list of “glam Euro Wags”. Rather than expressing his anger at a system that perpetuates the existence of archaic and damaging institutions, Gallagher says Harry promo tour/ somewhere-surprising accusations of monarchical racism do it ” [come] through like a typical fucking awakened snowflake, asshole fucking.

“Prince William,” he said. “I feel the pain of this fucking boy. He’s got a fucking younger brother who shoots him in the face with such unnecessary shit. In our favorite quote, Noel Gallagher himself, the man whose Wikipedia page has an entire subsection devoted to his countless fights with his brother Liam – said, “Don’t denigrate your family for not having to. He also explains that the whole problem is just “what happens when you get involved with Americans.” As simple as that. “

To complete it all, Gallagher returns to one of his waiting subjects: To complain about the rest of his industry. He describes how “the music industry, artistically speaking, is the worst it has ever been” and attributes some of these failures to the somewhat new concept that labels sign “kids who want to be famous and that look good and are decent enough. voices ”for which they can ask“ internal songwriters ”to compose music.

[via Consequence Of Sound]

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