Nintendo asks you not to co-stream E3 2021 Nintendo Direct, thank you very much – –

Nintendo asks you not to co-stream E3 2021 Nintendo Direct, thank you very much – –

Update: Twitch has stated that it will not be streaming E3 2021 Nintendo Direct today due to Nintendo’s position on co-streams:

Original story [Tue 15th Jun, 2021 12:15 BST]: E3 2021 Nintendo Direct takes place later today, and Nintendo has released a statement that probably won’t appeal to seasoned video content creators.

The statement was released on Nintendo Japanese official Twitter account, and says that while it’s good to broadcast your reaction to the show as it happens, you can’t use any audio or video taken from the Live itself in your live stream. So if you are looking to broadcast a live reaction video as the event unfolds, you can only show your face.

However, once Nintendo Direct ends, the reaction videos with audio and video from the Direct are allowed.

The company has also issued additional guidelines for Direct-related content, and says that if it believes any of these rules have been broken, it will take legal action against the person who created the video. It’s pretty standard stuff, to be honest.

These rules state that “Videos and still images… include your own creativity and commentary, except when using features such as the capture button on Nintendo Switch. Please refrain from posting that does not include your creativity or comments, or that are only copies of the copyrighted material of the Nintendo game. Nintendo also states that users should not “suggest or misrepresent that you are sponsored or affiliated with Nintendo or any responsible for Nintendo.” Finally, Nintendo confirms that monetization of reaction videos is allowed.

It is possible that this is only related to Nintendo Japan, and we will update this post if we hear any news about it.

E3 2021 Nintendo Direct takes place today at 9 a.m. PT (i.e. 12 p.m. EST / 5 p.m. UK / 6 p.m. CEST), with a special E3 2021 Nintendo Treehouse Live presentation following. You can watch the whole thing here, so be sure to check back later.


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