NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on Bears move to Arlington Heights – .

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on Bears move to Arlington Heights – .

Earlier today on 670 Chicago’s The Score, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell called to help support their “What About Chicago Radiothon,” which supports Austin Harvest, a food store in Chicago’s Austin neighborhood that was recently converted from a liquor store.

He spoke to Score hosts Danny Parkins and Laurence Holmes, and former Chicago Bears linebacker Sam Acho about Aco’s work with Austin Harvest.

You may remember the story from last July when Aco and several other Chicago athletes bought a liquor store, tore it down, and then built a pop-up supermarket in its place. Now they’re raising money to make sure Austin Harvest has a permanent home in the neighborhood that lacked a proper grocery store for Austin residents.

It’s a good cause for sure, but during the interview, Parkins asked Goodell about the Bears’ intentions with their recent offer on the Arlington Park property.

“I don’t know the answer to that question other than knowing that this is a very early stage to potentially develop an alternative,” Goodell said. But I think there is a lot to do here. I know their commitment to the Chicago area is 110%, and that’s the most important thing to me. We have an emphyteutic lease at Soldier Field. It is a great place. But we all look at the long term and try to find alternatives, and that’s what the Bears are doing. But I think for the fans right now, I wouldn’t be focusing on that. There is a lot to do in this. Right now, let’s enjoy the ’21 season. Lots of excitement for the Bears.

You can listen to Goodell’s full interview here.

To contribute to What About Chicago Radiothon, you can support this link, by texting “GIVE” to 44995, or by calling 1-800-707-8802.

The Bears made waves last week to buy the Arlington Heights property, but this week things turned out, making it look like the Bears leaving Soldier Field could really happen.

Yesterday bears announced a partnership with Bet Rivers Casino, which happens to be jointly owned by Churchill Downs, which also owns the ownership of the Arlington International Racecourse on which they bid.

Also on Monday, the Arlington Heights Village Board of Directors voted to approve the zoning of the property for a football stadium, among other things, but the football stadium is obviously the key element if it accepts the offer. Bears on the site.

If the McCaskey family are serious about selling, which was reported in May, then a shiny new stadium would certainly raise the selling price.

It’s all starting to feel very real, so do you think the Bears are actually going to build themselves a state-of-the-art stadium 40 minutes northwest of Chicago in Arlington Heights?


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