New Oath Keeper accused cooperating against others in major January 6 conspiracy case – .

Justice Department charges six people linked to pro-Trump rallies and right-wing revolutionary group in new Capitol riot plot case – –

The new public case is the latest known decision by the Justice Department to prosecute the extremist group for planning the Jan.6 attack on Congress.

Mark Grods is expected to plead guilty to two counts: conspiracy and obstructing congressional certification of the electoral college.

He plans to admit participating in paramilitary training efforts before Jan.6 and recruiting people to come to Washington and assemble for the siege. Grods and others brought guns, battle gear, helmets and radio equipment for the siege, according to the indictment document.

Grods also plans to admit allegations that he stormed the Capitol with others, participating in the military-style “pile” training used by the Oath Keepers to cut through crowds, while wearing a “Big stick”, according to his court record. .

Grods’ plea deal was filed in court on Monday and made public on Wednesday morning. Secrecy “would ensure the safety of the accused while he cooperates in accordance with his plea agreement and testifies before the grand jury,” a Justice Department file said.
Grods is scheduled to appear before a DC federal court judge at 2 p.m. ET on Wednesday.

CNN has contacted Grod’s attorney for comment.

Grods stayed at the Mayflower Hotel while in Washington, although he handed over guns to another person for safekeeping in a hotel in Virginia, according to his indictment document.

Prosecutors charged several Oath Keeper defendants with coordinating what they called a “rapid reaction force” – storing an arsenal across the river from DC in Virginia that could be brought in as backup if needed during the pro-Trump push to block Congressional certification of the 2020 election results.

Grods also rode a pair of golf carts to quickly get to Capitol Hill, bypassing law enforcement, during the siege, according to his indictment document.

Grods has not been charged before in the sprawling conspiracy case that Oath Keepers prosecutors have aggressively pursued.

In recent weeks, the Justice Department has overthrown one of the co-defendants in the Oath Keepers plot in a plea deal reached last week – a big step forward in the case of the 16 defendants – and also gained a cooperator links with the organization and attended the riot of January 6.

Other Oath Keepers indicted in the Capitol Riot cases have pleaded not guilty.


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