New Ferrari 296 GTB: 819 hp PHEV brings back the power of the V6

New Ferrari 296 GTB: 819 hp PHEV brings back the power of the V6

For the first time on a mid-engined sports car, Ferrari used an active aerodynamic device to generate downforce rather than dampen drag. Based on that used by the LaFerrari, the active rear spoiler integrated into the rear bumper would generate up to 360kg of downforce at 155mph with the specified hardcore and track-oriented Assetto Fiorano package. Even in the standard version, it produces 100 kg more than its predecessors.

Various signature design cues promote a visual relationship with other Ferraris of the new era, including the SF90 Stradale and Roma, while taking the new arrival considerably away from the F8 Tributo and its closely related 488 GTB ancestor.

However, Ferrari also claims to have taken inspiration from classic models, most notably the 1963 250 LM, which inspired the design of the B-pillar, rear hips and Kamm tail. The wraparound windshield, meanwhile, is a clue borrowed from the unique P80 / C and J50 on the Japanese market.

The air intakes have been made as small as possible (for a cleaner look) by routing hot air under the car, which means it is separated from the cool air needed for the rear-mounted intercoolers. The rear, while the hybrid system radiators turn out the front of the car could be aerodynamically optimized with a more tapered design than that used before.

The use of “Aero” brake calipers inspired by those of the SF90 Stradale also made possible a series of modifications to improve downforce. They are cooled by ducts integrated into the headlights, thus freeing up space for the central part of the car’s underbody to be brought as low as possible to the ground and thus “exaggerating the suction created by the ground effect”.


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