New documentary reveals Super Freak Rick James loved watching – .

New documentary reveals Super Freak Rick James loved watching – .

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Rick James was one of the real wild men in the music business.

The Super Freak had an insatiable appetite for drugs and women and gorged himself on both.

Now a new rockumentary – Bitchin: The Sound and the Fury of Rick James – draws the curtain on James’ life and wild times. It premiered at the TriBeCa Film Festival and will be available for streaming.

One of the interviewees is Kerry Gordy, who was James’ manager for a long time.

Gordy – the son of Motown Records founder Berry Gordy – said James was desperately upset by the poor sales of his 1982 album. Throw down. The tour was also a flop.

James therefore entered the office of Motown chief Jay Lasker to provide his follow-up effort.

After James left the room, the executive came up with two words: “Lionel Richie”. seen here with fellow American Idol judge Katy Perry. (ABC / Eric Liebowitz)

James then poured cocaine on the Headmaster’s desk, sucked it in, then pulled out his penis and shoved his unsheathed member into the stunned Headmaster’s face.

James then shouted, “Sell my fucking record!”

Lasker, Gordy says in the doc, said two words after James left the room: “Lionel Richie. He said that all of the Motown marketing muscle would be behind the former Commodores star and that James’ career was indeed over.

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James was born James Ambrose Johnson Jr. in Buffalo, NY, and died at the age of 56 in 2004 of heart and lung failure.

At the top of his game, James was hard to beat. Photo by DOCUMENT /Bitchin: The Sound and the Fury of Rick James

An autopsy revealed that he had nine different drugs in his body.

Earlier in his career, James fled to Toronto to escape his service in the United States Navy during the height of the Vietnam War. In Big Smoke, he met Neil Young and they formed a group called the Mynah Birds.

According to the documentary, the group’s manager reported him to the authorities for desertion and he was expelled from Canada.

Fame finally found James in the late 1970s when he formed his Stone City Band with some of his favorite Buffalo players.

Everyone had to do their hair the same.

“He said, ‘If you want to be in this group, you’ve got to have your braids,’” drummer Lanise Hughes said.

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And the drugs!

Rock stars haven't gotten crazier than Rich James.
Rock stars haven’t gotten crazier than Rich James. Photo by DOCUMENT /Bitchin: The Sound and the Fury of Rick James

“There was a lot of dope around,” says keyboardist Levi Ruffin Jr. in the documentary. “I think I snorted everything on God’s planet Earth when I was in the group. “

James makes an appearance in archive footage about the extent of the group’s drugged antics.

“We were on the verge of madness at that time. Everyone was snorting cocaine. Everyone took qualudes, drank Cristal and Dom Perignon champagne, bare buttocks and did it in the bathroom, ”said the tragic star.

Drugs haunted James until the day he died.

James’s other addiction was sex, a lot and as kinky as it gets, but most of it was voyeuristic in nature.

“His sexual exploits were more, ‘You do that to that person. Let me watch. I want to orchestrate stuff here, ”said his ex-wife Tanya Hijazi. “He was not personally involved. He wasn’t that kind of super monster. He didn’t let people touch him. He wasn’t, like, in the orgy – he would watch the orgy.

The doc also reveals that James didn’t like the man who should have been his natural protégé: Prince.

“Rick definitely had an attitude with Prince. They were just competing with each other, ”said Parliament-Funkadelic bassist Bootsy Collins, who did a few shows with the two men.

“They would pull the plug on each other… and (get) ready to come to blows. “

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