Netflix teases bizarre dating show ‘Sexy Beasts’, where contestants look like furry – .

Netflix teases bizarre dating show ‘Sexy Beasts’, where contestants look like furry – .

Contestants on a new Netflix dating show will don elaborate makeup and prosthetics in a savage attempt to answer an age-old question about love: How much does appearance matter?

“Sexy Beasts,” which the streaming service says is a hybrid of “The Masked Singer” and “Love Is Blind,” premieres on July 21.

Narrated by comedian Rob Delaney, the show will send masked contestants in intricate costumes on first dates to see if personality alone can make people fall in love.

The streaming service predicts there will be a roaring appetite for the show, whose competitors aren’t too different from the furries, and has already ordered two seasons. The show is based on a British series.

The trailer, which premiered on Wednesday and has already racked up millions of views, shows contestants dressed in costumes of a beaver, devil, fox, panda, various alien creatures and of a scarecrow.

“Viewers are going to be in for a treat,” creator and executive producer Simon Welton told Variety. “I hope the show puts a smile on people’s faces as they act to find out who will fall in love with whom and what our actors really look like. “

Online, the reactions were a mixture of horror, intrigue and anticipation.

“So they could have called it The Masked Swinger and they just don’t have it ??? »Writer Keaton Patti tweeted.

In a confusing moment, Patreon’s official twitter account seemed to sarcastically offer to help Netflix kick off future seasons.

“Hey Netflix, if you need help finding real furries for a dating show just give us a call,” the site tweeted, perhaps a reference to many in the furry community who use the service.

Some have pointed out that the costumes don’t hide everything. The trailer shows a contestant in a beaver mask saying, “Ass first, personality second. “

“Am I on drugs? ” the user reacted.

For some, the reaction was more existential.

“Where is Jesus”, journalist Phillip Picardi asked in a quote tweet of the trailer.


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