Netflix confirms Castlevania will continue with new show – –

Netflix confirms Castlevania will continue with new show – –

Netflix today confirmed that Castlevania will continue with a brand new series set in 1792 in France against the backdrop of the French Revolution.
Kevin Kolde and other members of the Castlevania creative team appeared on Netflix Geeked to announce the new show.

This is the latest installment in Netflix’s game adaptation strategy, which includes successful versions of series like The Witcher and upcoming bets including Resident Evil. Netflix uses a combination of live-action shows, animated series and movies for its game adaptations, always on the lookout for its next blockbuster franchise.

The company is far from the only studio looking to make the next Game of Thrones based on popular game series. HBO is working on a Last of Us series in partnership with Sony and Naughty Dog, while Sony finally prepares to release its Uncharted movie live with Tom Holland.

For many studios, networks, and streamers, gaming represents the next frontier in building great franchises, similar to what fantasy novels have represented for years. Netflix is ​​now competing with everyone else to make the best adaptation it can – and hopefully get people to invest for years to come.


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