Munich Police ‘About to Shoot’ Greenpeace Protester Against France Against Germany – .

Munich Police ‘About to Shoot’ Greenpeace Protester Against France Against Germany – .

Munich police were “about to shoot” the Greenpeace protester who was dropped into the Allianz Arena before France played Germany on Tuesday night.
An activist crept into the Munich stadium moments before the giant nations launched their Euro 2020 campaigns and snipers were ready for fear of a terrorist attack, Munich police said.

“Several” fans were sent to hospital as debris from the anonymous protester’s device rained down, and pieces also hit French manager Didier Deschamps and his assistant Guy Stéphan, but both are unharmed.

France won the game 1-0 thanks to an own goal against German Mats Hummels, but the evening could have gone very differently if the police had not spotted the Greenpeace logo on his parachute.

“The shooters had it in their sights,” Munich police revealed.

“If the police had determined it was a terrorist attack, he would have paid for it with his life, but they spotted the Greenpeace logo,” Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann said .

The 38-year-old activist was released on Wednesday, but is facing a number of charges, and the organization has since apologized after the stunt nearly went sour.

Greenpeace claims the protester, who carried the slogan “KICK OUT OIL! On his parachute, planned to fly over the Bayern Munich field and drop a softball on the field in protest against the German automaker Volkswagen, sponsor of the tournament.

Protester went wrong by calling on Volkswagen to do more to tackle the climate crisis

In a statement, UEFA said: “This reckless act – which could have had very serious consequences for a large number of those present – caused injuries to several people attending the match who are now hospitalized and the judicial authorities will take the necessary measures.

“UEFA and its partners are fully committed to a sustainable Euro 2020 tournament and many initiatives have been implemented to offset carbon emissions.

He continued: “Fortunately, the staging of the match was not affected by such reckless and dangerous action, but several people were injured nonetheless. “

A police spokesperson added: “We are considering various criminal charges.

“Munich police zero tolerance for political actions that endanger lives. “

German media outlet Bild reported that at least two people had been hospitalized, one of them suffering from facial fractures.

“We sincerely apologize to the two injured people as well as the fans and players,” Greenpeace said in a statement Tuesday evening.

It was also a controversial evening on the pitch, with German defender Antonio Rudiger appearing to bite the opposing midfielder and “Star of the Match” Paul Pogba shortly before half-time.

Is France your favorite to win the European Championships? Comments below.

Rudiger, a recent Champions League winner with Chelsea, has since expressed regret at the incident and Manchester United’s Pogba was happy to put the skirmish behind them.

Germany face Portugal in Munich tomorrow as Joachim Low’s men look to take off in the ‘Group of Death’, while France travel to Budapest earlier today to take on Hungary in a crowded Puskas Arena. .

Due to this year’s format, it is possible that the three giants of Group F could qualify, second place ahead of the winner of the English group.


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