M&S, Lidl, Tesco, Asda and Co-op toilet paper roll compared to Andrex to find the best – Laura Nightingale

M&S, Lidl, Tesco, Asda and Co-op toilet paper roll compared to Andrex to find the best – Laura Nightingale

Following my dishwashing liquid comparison test, we thought it would be interesting to know how well the supermarket own-brand toilet paper rolls fared against the country’s favorite, Andrex.

This adorable Labrador puppy is always on our TV screens and many of us buy the famous brand without hesitation.

But we wanted to see how good some of the cheaper options were in terms of strength and texture.

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We evaluated a base pack of toilet paper rolls from M&S, Lidl, Tesco, Asda, Co-op and Andrex to find the best one.

Prices ranged from £ 1.39 to £ 2.50 and the results surprised us.

In fact, one of the cheapest toilet paper rolls came out on top.

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Sixth place – M&S

It was a shock.

The M&S toilet paper roll was exceptionally thin and tore easily.

It was very disappointing and didn’t stand a chance against some of the other brands.

Price: £ 1.85

Fifth place – Asda

Likewise, Asda’s attempt was also slim and pointless.

Price – £ 1.39

Fourth place – Coop

From then on things sped up and Co-op’s toilet paper was thick.

However, the price put us off.

Price – £ 2.10

Third place – Tesco

Tesco’s toilet paper roll was also quite thick and at £ 1.75 it was quite adequate.

Price – £ 1.75

From best (L) to worst (R) according to Laura
(Image : Laura Nightingale)

Second place – Andrex

Without a doubt, Andrex was the sweetest, but it wasn’t the strongest.

Plus, it was almost double the price of two of the other brands we tried.

Price – £ 2.50


The cheapest of the lot (with Asda) was Lidl’s toilet paper and it was super strong.

It was a shiny, sturdy value and the paper was nice and thick.

Price: £ 1.39


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