More negotiations: France asks UK to “keep its word” on Brexit deal

More negotiations: France asks UK to “keep its word” on Brexit deal

French President Emmanuel Macron told British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Saturday that the UK should “keep its word” to Europe and respect the framework of the Brexit divorce deal he signed, the UK reported. AFP news agency citing people familiar with the matter in Macron’s office. The agency, citing its sources, added that Macron had explained to Johnson in no uncertain terms that Britain must respect the Brexit deal it signed. This development comes against the backdrop of tumultuous relations in Europe, an imminent threat of a trade war between the European Union (EU) and Britain over the Northern Ireland Protocol.

On the sidelines of the G7 summit in Cornwall, French President Emmanuel Macron reportedly warned Johnson a day ago that no clause in the Brexit divorce agreement was to be negotiated now, six months after it was signed. However, Macron is also seeking a “reset” in Franco-British relations, news agencies reported, as months of tension between the two countries over the Brexit deal left bilateral relations strained.

British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab, stepping up his attacks on the European Union, told BBC radio that there should be a more “pragmatic” solution to the North Irish dispute. “They can be more pragmatic about implementing the Northern Ireland Protocol in a win-win way or they can be bloody and purist about it, in which case I’m afraid we won’t allow integrity of the United Kingdom to be threatened, ”said the Bloomberg news agency, quoting Raab.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson greets other Group of Seven leaders along the English coast, with all eyes on how the leaders are discussing an exit from the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as others economic plans. French President Macron stressed that France and the United Kingdom have a common vision of international and transatlantic relations, including on arms control, according to an official of the G-7 delegation.

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