Mom in a coma for 10 months after heart attack wakes up to find out she had a baby – world news – –

Mom in a coma for 10 months after heart attack wakes up to find out she had a baby – world news – –

A mom who fell into a coma for 10 months after having a heart attack woke up to find she had had a baby.
Cristina Rosi, 37, from Tuscany, Italy, was heavily pregnant when she suffered a heart attack in July last year.

She gave birth to her daughter Caterina via an emergency cesarean section while she was in a coma.

Cristina has now woken up and said her first word “Mom”, according to her husband Gabriele Succi.

Mr. Succi, 42, said she and her mother-in-law heard Ms. Rosi say her first word while they were at her bedside.

He said: “We weren’t expecting it. It was a real joy after so much suffering. “

Mom woke up to find out she had given birth to a baby

Ms Rosi’s mother said hearing her daughter speak again at the clinic near Innsbruck in Austria was like “giving birth to her a second time”.

She added: “The doctors want to put her back on her feet and are convinced of Cristina’s potential. “

Mr Succi said his wife was now breathing and swallowing unaided in what he described as a “miracle,” reports The Times.

He told the Arezzo Notizie news site: “Cristina is barely recognizable now. She’s more relaxed, they’ve removed her tracheostomy (and) with a pump, they’re giving her medicine that should lead to further physical progress. “

He added that his wife collapsed crying when she heard an audio message of support from his favorite singer Gianna Nannini.

She and her husband had to watch him play before she suffered her heart attack.

Ms. Rosi will now receive physiotherapy at the private clinic and her husband is fundraising for this treatment.

A GoFundMe page has already raised over £ 156,000 for the mother’s care, but her husband is now trying to reach over £ 250,000.

He said: “We still need a lot of money. But the fact that Cristina has woken up gives us a lot more strength. Cristina reacts to the stimulus. “

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