Ministers aim to boost domestic tourism with discounted UK rail pass

Ministers aim to boost domestic tourism with discounted UK rail pass

The government has announced plans to revive the national tourism industry after months of restrictions on travel, socializing and hospitality, including a new rail pass and vouchers for popular attractions.

In an effort to encourage people to vacation at home rather than abroad, an alternative to the ‘BritRail’ pass for overseas visitors will be launched, allowing Britons to travel cheaper through the UK some. days of their stay, and possibly allowing children to travel free of charge. .

To support the tourism industry after the peak of summer getaways, the National Lottery will also launch a £ 10million voucher program allowing people to redeem discounted tickets at attractions, from September 2021 to March 2022. .

Details on the cost of the rail pass and where the vouchers can be used are expected to arrive later this summer, but plans have been announced to support the area, which has been hit hard by repeated blockages and the confusion over travel advice.

The tourism stimulus package that will be released on Friday also includes the creation of a new data hub to track the growth in popularity of activities such as water sports, hiking and more eco-friendly experiences, and the launch of a consultation on the creation of a register of all vacation rentals.

Ministers want domestic tourism to return to pre-pandemic levels by 2022 and international tourism by 2023, encouraging spending and travel across the UK ahead of major events next year, including the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and the Commonwealth Games, which are to be held in Birmingham.

Ros Pritchard, managing director of the British Holiday and Home Parks Association, which also sits on the government’s Tourism Industry Council, expressed concern that holiday parks and campsites are often found in sites rural communities far from transport hubs, so initiatives to increase public transport travel would not be a quick fix.

But she welcomed ministers’ pledge to provide more advice on how holiday companies could help meet the UK’s carbon neutral goal, with a focus on “economic benefits, employment and well-being ”stimulating domestic tourism.

Labor called the plan a “window dressing”. Alex Sobel, the shadow tourism minister, said the industry needed “the right support”. He added: “There is still nothing for all those excluded from the Chancellor’s support schemes, and calls from companies to give flexibility to repay debts incurred during the crisis have fallen on one ear. deaf. Rather than gimmicks, the government should urgently come up with a coherent strategy to support the sector. “


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