Miami Heat coaches Tyler Herro offer help after 12-story building collapses – .

Miami Heat coaches Tyler Herro offer help after 12-story building collapses – .

MIAMI – Heat guard Tyler Herro was training Thursday morning with assistant coaches Chris Quinn and Eric Glass when told there was a more pressing need.
Shortly thereafter, Herro, Quinn and Glass had left the team arena for the short drive north of Surfside, Fla., Where a 12-story oceanfront condominium collapsed towards 1:30 am At least three people were killed, nearly a hundred are missing. and rescue teams were digging through the rubble in hopes of finding someone alive.

The Heat trio helped load a truck with water, food and other essentials.

The Heat wasn’t the only Miami-based professional sports franchise to offer help. The Miami Marlins have announced that they have sent three vans filled with meals and water for rescue workers and essential items for residents displaced by the collapse.

“It’s 12 miles from our arena,” said Steve Stowe, vice president of Heat and executive director of the charity fund. “We heard about it and our immediate reaction was that we had to find a way to help. “

Herro also addressed the frontline workers, thanking them for their heroism and efforts.

The Heat, through business partners such as World Central Kitchen and Direct Relief, was organizing the arrival of more aid. Food trucks were secured for rescuers and other staff at the scene to stock up on hot meals and take-out boxes, and the team were working to help find accommodation for those displaced by the collapse.

“These are the times when a community needs to come together, stand up and help,” Stowe said.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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