MGK, Travis Barker’s rooftop performance looked a bit dangerous – .

MGK, Travis Barker’s rooftop performance looked a bit dangerous – .

The two rockers strutted around Saturday afternoon for a rooftop concert in Venice Beach … which they told their fans about at the last minute, in what turned into a flash mob-type event for which tons people came, or just caught live if they were in the area.

Kelly was on vocals and guitar, while Trav took care of the drums (obvs). The duo – who are also dating some of Hollywood’s hottest female stars, Megan Fox and Kourtney Kardashian – seemed to be promoting a new one of their songs, ” A girl like You“, Which is on the soundtrack of season 1 of” Paradise City “from Amazon.

Their show seemed to go off without a hitch – with MGK shouting Travis and also winking at what appears to be the end of the pandemic here in the United States … something the crowd certainly agreed with, because almost everyone is dealing with fatigue related to COVID.

However, there were times during the concert where Kelly climbed onto the speakers near him – balancing while swaying. It was cool and all, but also… creepy high-key. One misstep, and the guy could have had a bad fall and hurt himself – maybe worse.

All’s well that ends well, however – MGK went well… and not only did he meet a crush of people waiting to greet him when he left – which we also videotaped.

There’s no question he’s a rock star… and he got the proper treatment when he came out.


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