Meghan and Harry face US backlash as Joe Biden calls for ‘jump on the train’ | Royal

Meghan and Harry face US backlash as Joe Biden calls for ‘jump on the train’ | Royal

Meghan and Harry have shocked the world with their decision to step back from the royal family. Now living in California, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are settling into their new life with son Archie Harrison and newborn daughter Lilibet Diana. Their decision to participate in an interview with television legend Oprah Winfrey sparked a heated debate, not least because the couple claimed the royals had been unfriendly to Meghan’s mental health issues while adding that a royal Anonymous had made racist remarks about baby Archie.

The couple are widely believed to receive more sympathy in the United States – Daily Express royal correspondent Richard Palmer says Meghan is considered “an American princess who has been wronged by the British”.
But Lee Cohen, former Anglo-American affairs expert for the House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs, sees it differently.

Shortly after the Oprah interview aired, he wrote: “The press is inundated with reports of the disgust and disgust of the American public towards the UK, especially the royals, the Americans. apparently uncritically accepting the “truth” of the Duchess of Sussex.

“Rest assured, British cousins, that is not the whole story.

“Right now the big guns of the American media are in the hands of people defending a certain agenda.
“In the environment that this creates, you have to believe Meghan Markle, whatever the obvious shortcomings of her story, because it serves the agenda.

“The British reader may be interested in what the American on the street really thinks about the Oprah interview.

“I’m sorry to say that the lack of information – how the UK is viewed and reported (and, in the case of the Royal Family, described in the fictionalized story as The Crown) – will lead many Americans to take Meghan and Harry’s claims. at their face value.

“This is not, I’m happy to say, universally the case. “

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Mr Cohen went on to say that the narrative is oversimplified in the US, slowing down those seeking a ‘deeper understanding’ of the UK.

He added, in his article for The Spectator, that US President Joe Biden jumped on the Sussex ‘movement’ and it distorted the perception of the royal family.

He continued: “Over-oversimplification of the media tends to overlook Americans motivated to pursue a deeper understanding of the UK and its institutions, aware that our origins and national freedoms derive from history and values ​​shared with Great Britain.

“This cohort is impervious to demands for the annulment of history and culture, and is widely opposed to the proxy war waged by the media and academia against British and American institutions and values.

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“Like our British counterparts, we spot inconsistencies in the narrative pushed by the Sussex duo.

“Of course, we’re not helped by Biden who jumps on the train, instantly praising Markle’s ‘courage’.

“But you have to understand that he is now – perhaps literally – captive of the wing of his party that is pushing an agenda of institutional racism forward. “

However, the image of the royal family in the United States may have improved recently.

The Queen met with world leaders at the G7 summit in Cornwall this month and then welcomed Mr Biden.

Mr Biden said Her Majesty was “very generous” and reminded him of his own mother.

He described the Queen as “extremely gracious, which is not surprising”.


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