Megan Thee Stallion calls DaBaby for Tory Lanez Retweet – .

Megan Thee Stallion calls DaBaby for Tory Lanez Retweet – .

Both in simpler times.
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DaBaby stepped in once again. A few days after the release of “Skat”, his new collaboration with Tory Lanez, DaBaby retweeted a fanLanez’s joke on the set of Megan the stallion last summer. “I guess @DaBabyDaBaby and @torylanez are cool now because the[y] shot someone and doesn’t have to go to jail, ”the fan’s tweet read. DaBaby was quick to assert the retweet was a mistake, tweeting, “I don’t know what kind of Illuminati Twitter shit happened. I don’t retweet anything other than the ‘Ball If I Want To’ promo. Megan then addressed the situation on Twitter, although she did not directly name DaBaby. “Support me in private and do something different in public… these men in the industry are very weird,” she wrote. “This situation is no fucking ‘beef’ and I really wish people would stop playing like it’s crap on the internet for likes and retweets. “

Instead of just apologizing, DaBaby doubled down, telling Megan not to “let these people get the best of you.” He also added, “Hold onto what you’re standing on without feeling like I’m against you.” Megan replied, “My position hasn’t changed at all. We’ve talked about this in private before and you specifically said ‘that’s not even a good deal, why would I promote this shit’ but now it’s not your ‘beef’? It is not real. But you stay on your ‘business’ my l.

DaBaby responded by downplaying his mistake and reiterating that this was none of his business. Meanwhile, Megan’s boyfriend Pardison Fontaine joined in on her defense of Meg, telling DaBaby, “you must never speak to her again” and calling her to back down. “This case is not about public opinion or Internet beef,” Fontaine added in a later tweet after DaBaby made him laugh.

Megan hasn’t replied to DaBaby’s latest tweets, probably because she is busy celebrating his most recent single to hit the charts.


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