Media has been fooled by a man about COVID-19 – .

Media has been fooled by a man about COVID-19 – .

The more we learn about Peter Daszak, one of the main villains of the COVID epidemic, the more it gets worse.

Daszak is president of the EcoHealth Alliance, a non-governmental organization funded largely by the US government. EcoHealth transferred some of that money to the laboratory in Wuhan, China.

It was Daszak who organized the letter in The Lancet for February 2020, dismissing as “misinformation” claims that the virus may have originated from the Wuhan virology lab. The letter created the illusion of consensus, which internet companies enforced through censorship, and the media reinforced by constantly interviewing Daszak himself.

There might be journalistic value in hearing the Chernobyl plant manager talk about all those clouds floating over Ukraine. But if he suggests that the eruption of mysterious wounds and cancers was due to a faulty microwave shipment recently arrived in Pripyat, you would probably think he was engaged in a bit of “reasoned reasoning.”

Apparently not the World Health Organization, which invited Daszak to join their microwave hunt in Wuhan.

In the past two days, Daszak has been removed from the Lancet’s own UN-backed commission investigating the origins of COVID, although he has stepped down or been fired remains uncertain.

It appears that Daszak also collaborated with Anthony Fauci, based on a recently published email in which he thanked the director of NIAID for “standing up publicly and saying that scientific evidence supports a natural origin for COVID -19 from a human overflow bat, not a lab rejection.

To top it off, the Trump administration canceled the EcoHealth grant in early 2020, a move that was characterized by “60 minutes” and NPR as jeopardizing a possible COVID-19 cure. Both stories featured – guess who – Daszak.

Even Dr Anthony Fauci helped Peter Daszak's crusade cover up the origins of COVID-19.
Anthony Fauci has collaborated with Peter Daszak, recently released emails revealed.
Pool / Getty Images

We now learn that the charitable arm of Google may have also funded EcoHealth. Steve Hilton suggested on Fox Monday that Google’s funding may have something to do with why information about COVID is being so mercilessly monitored on social media platforms and search engines.

We are going to sort through the many failures of the COVID pandemic for years to come, failures of the most important institutions in society, from big tech and scientific research to public health and the media, but whatever the blame is rests with them, we can say that Daszak helped break them all.

What does it say about the state of our media and social networks that one man can so badly shape a narrative?

Arthur Bloom is the online editor of The American Conservative.


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