McDonald’s customer “traumatized” after mistake left her “throwing up and in tears” – –

McDonald’s customer “traumatized” after mistake left her “throwing up and in tears” – –

A McDonald’s customer said she was “traumatized” after eating meat for the first time because she claimed the fast food chain botched her order.
Longtime vegetarian Charlotte Sunshine was eager to enjoy her McDonald’s Veggie Deluxe meal on June 8, ordered by boyfriend Calum Donaghy.

But the 26-year-old found herself ‘vomiting and crying’ after just one bite as she claims to have realized that, thanks to an ordering error, she was eating real chicken rather than the veggie of luxury she had ordered.

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Charlotte was stunned to recognize a “Quorn-like” taste and frantically searched on Google for the ingredients of her regular meal to find that it did not contain a meat substitute – meaning she accidentally broke her commitment to. always not to eat meat.

Snaps from the sloppy order show the meal’s usual two red pepper and pesto studs replaced with a single chicken patty despite having “Veggie Deluxe” engraved on the burger box and label.

Charlotte quickly tweeted McDonald’s to express her anger at the Corstorphine branch order in Edinburgh – but she is still not happy with their apologies or full refund, saying she feels ‘undervalued’ because that his beliefs should be “just as important as religious beliefs.” ”

Charlotte Sunshine was horrified while eating the chicken burger

The vegetarian says Calum, 25, even had to make a two-hour round trip to give her ‘moral support’ and take her to his home in Glasgow where she spent the next day with an upset stomach.

While thankfully feeling much better on Thursday morning, Charlotte said the order, which had been placed through Just Eat, pushed her away from McDonald’s for life.

Meanwhile, McDonald’s apologized for the mistake and said it “recognizes that it is not acceptable to serve meat when a vegetarian product has been ordered.”

Charlotte, who lives in South Gyle, Edinburgh, said: “When I knew it was chicken, all of a sudden I started to feel really sick within a few minutes. I immediately burst into tears and was physically ill.

The luxury vegetarian wrapper that contained the chicken burger

“I was really hungry and couldn’t wait. I took a bite of it and when I swallowed I realized it was not what I expected.

“Because I’ve never eaten meat, I didn’t really notice it tasted like meat because I didn’t know what the meat tasted like. It tasted similar to Quorn but the luxury vegetarian does not taste the same.

“As soon as I realized it, I froze and texted my boyfriend to tell him that I was really freaking out. I asked him to check if they had changed the veggie burger, but when I went google I saw that they hadn’t.

“It traumatized me. In fact, Calum came to get me because I didn’t want to be alone and needed moral support. He was also upset on my behalf. “

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She added, “I really liked the luxury vegetarian when I didn’t care about cooking, but I will never eat at McDonald’s again. I felt sick all night and then until the next day. ”

Charlotte, who is currently unemployed, has vegetarian parents, so she was never introduced to meat and never thought about it.

She believes McDonald’s didn’t take her complaint seriously enough and that they need to add more checks to ensure her beliefs are upheld and not overlooked in high-traffic restaurants.

Charlotte Sunshine and her boyfriend Calum Donaghy

Charlotte said: “The idea of ​​eating a dead animal to me is so foreign to me, but that’s why I’m not a judgmental vegetarian because I realize it’s so incomparable to what most people experience. .

“The lack of response from McDonald’s really shocked me because it is such an important thing to me. They didn’t take it seriously enough.

“It makes me feel undervalued. Just because my beliefs aren’t tied to organized religion doesn’t mean it should be any less important. “

A McDonald’s spokesperson said: “We recognize that it is not acceptable to serve meat when a vegetarian product has been ordered, and we sincerely apologize to the customer for the mistake that was made. in that case.

“We have a number of procedures in place to prevent inaccurate orders, but in this case they were not followed, and we are investigating why this happened. Our customer service team is currently in contact with the customer to help them find a solution. “

Just Eat declined to comment.


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