“Matt is done”: the first pages deliver the final humiliation at the departure of Matt Hancock

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Matt Hancock’s resignation as health secretary after a “day of humiliation” over his relationship with Gina Coladangelo offers an old-fashioned boon to Sunday papers.

the Sun Sunday, whose sister daily shared the story of Hancock’s clinch with his former assistant, has the headline “Matt is done.”

the Sunday mirror has the same headline – ‘Matt is done’ – and reports that while Hancock ‘fell on his sword’ Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer says Boris Johnson should have acted first and sack his ailing health secretary.

the Observer The splash headline reads: “Gone: Hancock Resigns After Day of Humiliation” and it reports that grassroots Conservative Party activists have “challenged” the Prime Minister by demanding that Hancock resign. He also says Johnson’s refusal to sack Hancock will weaken his authority.

The word H also appears in the le Sunday Times main title, which reads “Humiliated Hancock Leaves”. His columnist, Camilla Long, is scathing against Hancock, saying we should be angry at the lowering of public service standards and Johnson’s refusal to sack his minister. “I bet Hancock thought he could never be sacked… because we have a prime minister who has almost no moral authority over anyone,” she writes.

the Sunday Telegraph said Tory MPs were breaking ranks and calling on Hancock to leave before jumping. But its title is a little more direct and uses the outgoing minister’s own words: “Hancock resigns: ‘Those of us who made these rules must respect them’”.

the Sunday express, another strongly pro-government newspaper, also takes a more sympathetic tone with “Hancock forced to resign”. He also quotes Hancock’s mini-apologies for following the rules prominently on the front.

the Mail on Sunday doesn’t spare her blushes, however, with a splash headline saying “Hancock quits his job – and his marriage.” He says friends have said Hancock is “in love” with his former assistant and also notes that Sajid Javid is making a “spectacular return” to the cabinet as the new health secretary.

the People channeled Dominic Cumming’s fierce criticism of Hancock to MPs last month with his headline “Hopeless and Unemployed”. the Star on Sunday is also in a triumphant mood with his cover of a man he has long nicknamed “Coco the Clown” for his handling of the pandemic. “Clown tears,” he said.

And the Sunday mail in Scotland has the title to conclude things nicely: “Matt’s all, folks”.


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