Matt Gaetz, under FBI investigation, asks FBI director about Covid plots – –

Matt Gaetz, under FBI investigation, asks FBI director about Covid plots – –

Republican U.S. Representative Matt Gaetz, who is the subject of an FBI investigation, questioned the agency’s director while on a committee overseeing it.
The congressman, allegedly investigated by federal prosecutors as part of a sex trafficking and obstruction investigation related to a former Florida official, has faced calls from congressmen to be removed from office. the House Judiciary Committee.

The House Ethics Committee is also continuing a parallel investigation following allegations that the congressman “engaged in sexual misconduct and / or the use of illicit drugs” as well as reports that he allegedly shared “inappropriate” images and videos on the floor of the House of Representatives.

This committee is also responding to allegations that the congressman “abused state identity documents, converted campaign funds for personal gain” or accepted bribes.

Mr. Gaetz has not been charged with any offense and has categorically denied the allegations against him. He says the investigation is politically motivated.

At the June 10 hearing with FBI Director Christopher Wray, Mr Gaetz amplified Covid-19 conspiracy theories and accused the Biden administration and medical adviser Dr Anthony Fauci of participating in a “cover-up” of the origins of the virus, adding: “I want to know which side is the FBI on.

He asked Mr Wray to present “the scientific analysis performed by the FBI” regarding the claims of a Chinese virologist and the origins of Covid-19, if the US military was involved, and the efforts to “try to to present to the world a false sequence of the genome ”.

Mr. Gaetz, who once wore an oversized gas mask to mock face covers during a House vote on an emergency funding plan for the coronavirus response, told Mr Wray it was “just unacceptable to sit here for a year later ‘since the start of the public health crisis to ask for evidence.

GOP congressman ally Joel Greenberg – now a cooperating witness – pleaded guilty to sex trafficking a minor, among other charges, and agreed to assist prosecutors in a related investigation potentially involving the congressman republican.

According to a plea deal reached on May 14, the former Florida tax collector admitted to presenting a “minor to other adult men, who have engaged in commercial sex acts” with her. The other men have not been named.

Federal prosecutors are also reportedly investigating whether Mr. Gaetz obstructed justice by calling a witness in the Greenberg investigation.

At the commission’s hearing on June 10, Democratic lawmakers questioned the FBI director about white nationalist threats in the United States and intelligence before the Capitol riot on January 6, fueled by a false account that the 2020 presidential election was “stolen” from Donald Trump.

Republicans have questioned US-Mexico border security and Black Lives Matter protests.


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