Masks and social distancing have slowed the spread of common childhood illnesses – CBS San Francisco – .

Masks and social distancing have slowed the spread of common childhood illnesses – CBS San Francisco – .

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) – All the social distancing, hand washing and masking has not only slowed the prevalence of COVID-19 in children, but has also slowed down other childhood illnesses.
Just ask Alicia Anderson, mother of identical 13-month-old twins Jackson and Maddox.

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“They had their first fever a few months ago and normally it would have happened much sooner, so it’s kind of a matter of recovering that boost in immunity,” she told KPIX5.

While the flu, rhinoviruses and respiratory syncytial viruses (RSVs) that characterize the childhood winter died out during the pandemic, they are making a most unusual summer comeback.

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“We are starting to see a few cases of RSV. It still hasn’t come close to what we see on the hospital side during a standard winter – and we’re seeing almost zero during this winter. This is what is so fascinating. We didn’t see anything during the winter. Normally, now RSV would be gone, but because of the pandemic we are just starting to see a slight increase, ”said Dr. Alan Schroeder, pediatric intensive care physician at Stanford.

Nadim Hossan’s children, Liam and Stella, have also had a disease-free winter, but he wonders at what cost.

“They were healthy, I mean, but obviously stuck inside. The schools were clearly not cooperating. It was tough for them, but from a health point of view it was great, ”he told KPIX5.

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Dr Schroeder hopes that the pandemic has changed attitudes towards the disease and that this could translate into a decrease in the spread of viruses from all sides in the future. “I think people will be in a better position not to send their children to daycare and school when they are sick.


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