Manchester United star Paul Pogba presented his hallmark for France against Portugal – Samuel Luckhurst – .

Manchester United star Paul Pogba presented his hallmark for France against Portugal – Samuel Luckhurst – .

It was reassuring that following France’s draw against Hungary on Saturday, Didier Deschamps was asked about Paul Pogba’s apparent difference in form between his country and his club.
The misconception among the uninitiated is that it is the English press that has a mythical “agenda” against Pogba. More splashes and broadcasts on the last page will be dedicated to Pogba in England, because that’s where he plays, and Manchester United are the most scrutinized sporting institution on the planet.

Pogba is polarizing and is one of a handful of footballers with personal follow-up. Every time he flies to Turin, Madrid or Paris, some of the 1.1 billion followers United laughingly claim they have will abandon them.

“There has been a lot of media attention in the UK press that the Pogba we see playing for France is different from the Pogba we see playing for [Ole Gunnar] Solskjaer in Manchester, ”the French journalist said. That was true, though The team Pogba has rated 3 and 2/10 in the past.

Pogba suffered in the sun against the Hungarians and was replaced. It was an aberration in the group stage and he was brilliant in the 2-2 draw against Portugal, arguably more worthy of the man of the match than Karim Benzema, the second of his goals shaped by an assist from Cleverly cut Pogba.

The trajectory, weight and rebounds were all measured to such perfection that Benzema was practically given instructions on how to beat Rui Patricio.

Aesthetically, it was one of Pogba’s most stylish creations from the moment Jules Koundé gave him the ball. Pogba trapped him with his crampons, rolled him down the halfway line, spotted Benzema and wrapped the ball around Ruben Dias’ formidable frame.

His deception of João Palhinha before Rui Patricio fired a shot at the woodwork was more impressive than the shot itself. Pogba’s shuffle would have been worthy of a dance floor.

It’s a hallmark of Pogba that his pass wins over goal. Think Zlatan Ibrahimovic at Blackburn, Jesse Lingard at Arsenal, Marcus Rashford at Wembley, Ander Herrera at Chelsea and Mason Greenwood at Spurs.

The alleged lack of recognition comes down to debate on Pogba’s form for club and country. His help for Benzema was on par with Kevin de Bruyne’s vision, only these contributions from De Bruyne are not so sporadic. He had 18 assists in 40 games last season. Pogba recorded eight out of 42.

After maximizing Pogba’s qualities with a 4-3-3 against Germany, Deschamps moved on to a 4-2-3-1 for the Portuguese stalemate and Corentin Tolisso was the last central midfielder he attempted to make a winger.

“By the nature of the eccentric midfielder and the chosen side, the France team struggled to keep its right side alive”, The team wrote. “His offensive animation was almost reduced to Pogba’s throws from the depths and that could have been enough to win against Portugal. ”

Pogba was partner of N’Golo Kante and France have not lost any of the 30 internationals they started in. Despite a deeper role on Wednesday night, Pogba untied the straitjacket and his average positioning was just in front of the center line.

Pogba’s middle position (number six)

Two passes from Pogba turned the game upside down. The self-centered Spanish referee erred in awarding Kylian Mbappe a penalty, but Pogba’s vision drew a solid defense from Nelson Semedo.

Eighteen of Pogba’s 19 passes in the final third were successful and only three of the 98 he hit all night were lost. Pogba deserves a more advanced starting role against third-placed Switzerland.

France were sure to advance to the round of 16 ahead of kick-off with Portugal, but the game was fraught with risk. Portugal were last in Group F at one point and the Budapest natives in the crowd reacted audibly to Hungary’s goals in Munich.

Pogba brought some lightness to the occasion in the 85th minute with a slip back and heel with Bruno Fernandes pushing him who started the all . It was inside its own third.

Fernandes suffered during Pogba’s six-week absence in February and March and his international demotion came as little shock. It was driven into the ground by Solskjaer and fatigue was evident four months ago.

Provided Pogba and Mino Raiola don’t get what they want this summer, deploying the two as 10s in an attack reinforced by Jadon Sancho is a tantalizing prospect and would ease the burden on the taxed Fernandes.

There is little attention to his club form.


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