Manchester United have two perfect teammates for Jadon Sancho – Richard Fay – .

Manchester United have two perfect teammates for Jadon Sancho – Richard Fay – .

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer already has an idea that he wants his Manchester United side to look by the start of the new Premier League season and it is safe to say that Jadon Sancho is at the heart of those plans.
The 21-year-old could still arrive at Old Trafford as a European Championship winner if Gareth Southgate’s side realize their potential this summer, his current lack of playing time could even be seen as a bonus by Solskjaer then that he’s looking to rejuvenate his team in the offseason.

It would not be surprising to see Sancho start on the right wing when United host Leeds United at lunchtime on August 14, a fierce derby to feed his appetite and prove why he is truly ready for a return to the Premier League.

United expect to complete Sancho’s signing shortly, with just the structure of his transfer fee to be worked out, but in order to use it properly, Solskjaer will already be making plans for his new look to work effectively.

Two players crucial to Sancho’s early successes will be the talisman of midfielder Paul Pogba and Bruno Fernandes, United’s main creative duo, both of whom will happily welcome the arrival of yet another attacking talent on their same length. wave.

“I think with his personality he will just fit in with Pogba and Fernandes, he will fit in like a duck in the water,” Sancho’s former youth coach said last year in Watford, Louis. Lancaster, at MEN Sport.

“They are not only becoming a great footballer, but they are becoming a mature 21-year-old player. If you look at others his age, he’s incredibly mature. For him, leaving a country at such a young age and going to Germany made him a better person. If he goes to Manchester United, he will grow up to be a mature and independent 21-year-old.

Not only is Sancho popular among key figures in United’s dressing room, but he will return to Manchester as a fearless talent, a player who embodies everything Solskjaer could ever expect from a new signing.

His creative ability will balance an often off-balance attack while his movement off the ball will make him a regular target for Pogba and Fernandes to choose from with search passes from the midfield.

It won’t be a one-sided relationship though.

Sancho’s proposed arrival will also be a welcome reward for Pogba and Fernandes and proof of the real belief that a Premier League title could soon be paraded around Old Trafford.

Although the club haven’t won any trophies for four years, the addition of a player like Sancho would certainly be a resounding endorsement of the club’s belief in Solskjaer as a manager, and a signal of their intentions not just to compete. for the title, actually try to win it.

What about the manager?

Solskjaer is sometimes criticized for his questionable tactics and reluctance to let key players rest, but as a manager there is little better than the Norwegian to understand his squad and what drives them.

Lancaster added: “He would play for a manager who trusts, if you look at some managers, they don’t trust that talent.

“It will be great for the Premier League as well, and it would be great for him because the club is structurally configured to be successful. You don’t want to go somewhere they aren’t configured for it. The club has enormous potential. amount of history, they have a great coaching staff and they have players who will trust them. “

The consequence of such a move is that the pressure on United will only intensify next season, with Solskjaer well aware of what could happen if he extends his trophy-less run for another year.

The addition of Sancho will certainly put United in a better position to challenge Man City, Chelsea and Liverpool for the title, although it will also raise expectations of achievement.


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